World Origami Day

Participate in World Origami Day on November 11

What is World Origami Day and why should you participate?

Every year, on November 11, the Japanese, along with others, celebrate World Origami Day. It is a holiday founded by the Japanese, where people around the world are encouraged to fold, and teach their friends how to fold, origami. Usually origami cranes are made on this day, because the crane is a sign of peace in Japan. You are being encouraged too, to celebrate World Origami Day! This is a very fun activity to participate in. You can learn how to make new, interesting and wonderful origami. Origami is so limitless. You can take a piece of paper, and transform it into anything in your imagination! Origami can broaden someone's imagination, and it could even get kids to get off their video games if this holiday gets big enough! Also, with imaginations broadened, people will be able to come up with better ideas for something as little as school work, to something as big as solving world problems. That is why this holiday should become more popular to the world.
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Join in on the fun!

I hope that you will decide to join the millions of people around the world that fold origami on November 11th and make this a more popular holiday!
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Click here for instructions on how to make an origami crane