Panther Paper

Norfolk Junior High

By Justice Tiemens

Nursery Rhyme

THIS JUST IN! As of August 13, 1990, a toad called Cayd had a huge croak! The reason for this is was he was hungry! He has had nothing to eat nor to drink today. He was so hungry he said he was going to crawl to a garden and jump through pails and he would dine nicely ON SLUGS AND SNAILS! Then his friend the frog said, “If that’s what you mean then I will hop away to the next meadow stream”.

Then the toad said, “There I will drink,and eat worms and slugs too, and then I shall have a GOOD dinner like you. That is it for The News Report for Today. Talk to you later.

Madden 15

Madden 15 is a good rated game that has graphics like never before! There’s one problem in the world. The NCAA is NOT making video games ANYMORE. So let’s play Madden NFL football until NCAA football comes out (probably in like 2017 or 2018). Madden 15 is as good as it can get, If you go on to win the Super Bowl on the game the Super Bowl MVP wins a GMC Truck,SUV, etc. Madden 15 will NEVER. go down in prices. Madden 15 I would recommend over NCAA 14 any day.

Feature story

Snakes don't have any bones they only have muscles and vertebrae. Did you know snakes never really close there eyes? They go to sleep, but it's like they’re sleeping with their eyes open; it's really creepy and weird. Snakes are really closely related with lizards. They are like cousins or something. Over 25 snakes are poisonous. The snake above is a tree boa. Snakes are a lot different than humans I've got proof. When snakes have babies, they come out of there mouths. Gross. Snakes are like track stars, they can slither at three miles an hour. Snakes are like horses. When they eat something really wide, it will bloat. Snakes live shorter lives than humans, because they have a smaller heart. Lastly, snakes use a method called sidewinding when the have to travel over loose dirt and sand. These

interesting facts are all true. Snakes are one of the many weird animals in this mysterious world.


Justice Tiemens was recognized by New York Times bestselling author in 2014 for his book Living the Dream. This book turned out to be one of three books in the series that all topped all of the bestseller list. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado where he coaches the NFL football team the Denver Broncos.

Justice Tiemens was recognized as an outstanding football coach for the past 15 years. He attended high school at Norfolk Senior High and was very competitive in football and wrestling. After graduating, he attended the University of Nebraska where he received his bachelor’s of science degree. Justice Tiemens would love to travel to Russia to see the Kremlin. He just got back from South Korea. His hobbies include singing,exercising, and attending wrestling meets. His motivation, toughness, and outspoken personality makes him who he is today. We look forward to what his future holds!!!!
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