The Short Narwhal

By: Brynn C.


One day, a narwhal named Corny was swimming home, when she saw there was going to be a Frisbee competition in the park. When Corny swam up to the hosts to ask if she could compete, they said, "Ha! How do you think you're going to get to play, shorty?!" It was true, Corny was the smallest narwhal, but she also had skills.

Corny was practicing in her yard, when one of the local competitors-a crab-saw her. "Wow, you're really good!" said the Crab. "WHO SAID THAT?!" Corny asked stunned and shocked. "Me, you should join the tournament." Crab said. Corny didn't feel like telling Crab about what the hosts had said, so when it was tournament time, Crab let Corny follow him across to the field. Corny was by far the best, sure to win, when the hosts came up. "Hey! You can't play here!" They said. Corny was so sad and humiliated, she swam away before anyone could see her cry. The worst part, was she let her whole team down. Yes, she was in a competing team. After that, Crab went to talk to the judges, and convinced them to not only let her join back in, but she also won! From then on, Corny was remembered to be the Best Frisbee Champion EVER!


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