iPads in the Classroom

An overview for new teachers

Why should I integrate technology?

There are many advantages to integrating technology such as iPads in to an elementary classroom. For some students, the iPads will motivate them to practice reading and writing strategies discussed in the classroom. Others will receive multimedia instruction, which aligns with their preferred learning style. And still others will acquire a differentiated approach, allowing teachers to focus-in on specific areas for development, tailored to the individual.

For either of these reasons or one of your own, an iPad in the hands of a student means he/she has the potential to determine his/her own learning. The amount of information available to a student with an iPad is enormous, and so too is the number of experts with which he/she can connect to gain expertise.

Below are some ideas of how you can integrate iPads in to your literacy and mathematics curriculums:



There are many great apps. which are student-friendly and incorporate many different literacy skills. Some are great for rote practice and drill, while others are excellent tools for developing reading and writing skills. The following examples include apps. which could be adapted to suit any grade-level from JK-12.


There are a great many apps. for which teachers can utilize in their classroom for math as well. But having access to the Internet also allows teachers and students access to many excellent websites, such as NLVM, ixl.com, as well as others.

The following are some possible apps., which can be utilized in many elementary classrooms.

IPads In Math.mov

Special Education

The iPad provides a supportive classroom for almost any special education student. With its ability to record sound and video, as well as its capability to recognize voices, the iPad is an effective tool for any inclusive classroom.

Here are some effective apps. for special education students:

iPads Used by Students With Special Needs