Addams Staff Newsletter

March 23, 2015

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Principal's Message

Dear Addams Staff,

March is Reading Month has been a wonderful experience for our #AddamsLearners Thank you to the K-2 teachers for planning and organizing this special month and making sure that our students are provided with meaningful reading activities and challenges throughout the month!

Please continue to support and encourage your students to reach their daily and weekly reading goals so that they can add to their magical reading experiences this month.

In an effort to create an avenue for staff to recognize each other for positive things, I’ve created the “Addams Spotlight.” I encourage you to take 10 seconds to recognize other colleagues. Click on the link below to add comments:

Also, click on the "Youanes Addams Calendar" link below to view my updated Google Calendar. You can also click on the "Addams Building Calendar," below to review the most updated events going on at Addams!

Addams Updates and Reminders

Advanced Ed Staff Survey:

Advanced Ed Student Surveys: In an effort to improve system practices, Royal Oak Schools is conducting a Student Survey (Elementary). We value your opinion and ask that you take the time to complete this survey. In order to complete the survey, please go to:

Grades K-2:

Grades 3-5:

Please be assured that your responses to this survey will be anonymous. Your honest opinion is appreciated. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. Please complete this survey before March 31, 2015.

Parent Communication: Thank you to those that have been updating their websites on a regular basis. Please be sure to either update your website/blog or send out emails to communicate updates and other important info to parents. The expectations is that parents are updated at the very least twice a month. Feel free to add me to email communications to parents as well.

BFC Update: Click on the link to view the March BFC. These notes and the agendas for all BFC meetings are located in the BFC folder within the shared Google Drive Addams Game Plan Folder.

Typing Reminder: Please stay consistent with typing and frequency. As a reminder, typing is not optional - it's a mandatory district initiative.

With testing coming up in April we are increasing the typing time. I know that logging in, logging out, and navigating is difficult for students in the beginning. You will also start seeing results.

There will be a plan typing survey in the coming weeks to get teacher feedback on how typing is going. Stay tuned!

Minimum Prescribed Typing Frequency:

2nd Grade / 3rd Grade: 25 minutes

4th Grade / 5th Grade: 25/30 minutes

Teacher Certification: Just a reminder to check your certification dates. Make sure you have all of the necessary information into the state for renewal prior to the certificate expiration date. To look up your certification deadlines you can click here:

For access to the MOECS site for renewal click here:

If you have PD paperwork for me to sign please make sure you give me a two week window for verification and please complete it at the end of each school year thank you. Let me with any questions.

Addams Math Smarter Balanced Data Sheet: Click on the link below to access the document and update your student data. Please be sure to have fall and winter scores entered into this document by the end of the day on March 24, 2015.

Late Start Sub: Click on the link to sign up for a time slot for the late start sub. Remember that no more than two time slots per teacher can be used until December:

Lunch: Please be sure to take accurate lunch counts each day for the next day so that we have the correct amount of lunches available to students in all 3 lunches.

Indoor Recess Mega Mix: Mega mixes are our most popular brain breaks, mixed together for longer GoNoodling sessions. Each mix takes the class through a warm-up, longer active session, and a cool-down at the end. Free and easy to sign up for!

Self-Evaluation: Just a reminder that the self-evaluation in STAGES, although optional, is due by April 15, 2015. Any self-evaluations completed after April 15 won't be taken into consideration in your final evaluation.

Teacher Evaluation Info: Using Portfolio in STAGES

STAGES- Portfolio Info

Addams Learners in Action!

Addams PBIS Updates

PBIS– O.A.K.S: Our focus in March will be a school-wide effort to decrease Shouting Out among students and in classrooms. This month, students will explore what shouting out, or interrupting, looks like and what it feels like to be interrupted. A book we will be reading this month is “My Mouth is a Volcano” by Julia Cook. In this book, Louis is always interrupting peers, teachers, and his parents.

Please remember to follow common courtesy for traffic flow in the halls. For example, if a class is coming down the stairs to lunch, please stop and let them all come down so that our classes are able to stay together. Also, this is a safety issue as bigger kids are coming down and little ones may be passing by.

PBIS March Newsletter:

Curriculum and Instruction Updates

Curriculum and Instruction March Newsletter: Click on the link below to view the February newsletter created by Lisa Shannon.

Addams M-STEP 2015 Schedule: Click on the link to access the M-Step schedule for Addams Elementary:

M-Step Practice: The M-Step reflection form is due on April 2, 2015.

Below is the link for the M-STEP (New MEAP), ELA performance task rubrics. Please review these rubrics so you can have a better idea of what our students will be expected to know on their M-STEP test

Also, the test preview can be found at:

Elementary Assessment Calendar: Just a reminder that all text types (narrative, opinion and informational) are due at the end of 4th MP for all grades levels. Click on the link to view the 4th Card Marking Assessment Calendar:

All text types need to be completed by the end of the year. Please click on the link below to view the MAISA unit calendar for more clarification.

Kindergarten Assessment Calendar: Click on the link to review the Kindergarten assessment calendar for the 2014-2015 School Year:

Report Card Suggestions/Concerns: Learning Council will be using any and all feedback and suggestions to help improve our report card. Click on the link below to add your report card suggestions or concerns:

MDE: Spotlight on Assessment and Accountability- March 19, 2015: Your source for important student assessment and accountability information.

MiStar Resources on the Royal Oak District Improvement Site: Please take some time to visit the website below to review some very useful MiStar resources that have recently been added to our Royal Oak DIT site:

Math Expressions

Royal Oak Math Expressions Weebly Resource: Click on the link below to view the Math Expressions resource website that Lisa Shannon created:

Think Central Math Interventions: Many have asked if you can assign the intervention online game to a group of students instead of individually. That feature is now available. Click on the link below to learn how to do this!

Math Expressions Wikispace Page: This page has been created by one of the Math Expressions consultants as a resource for teachers. It has great information about math routines, writing prompts, CCSS correlations to assessments and much more! Click on the link to explore!

Math Workshop and Math Expressions Questions: In an effort to help answer some of the many questions that you may have regarding math workshop and math expressions, the link below will serve as both a place to pose questions and also a place where you can go for answers:

Royal Oak Youth Assistance Awards

It is time to nominate students for the annual Youth Assistance Youth Recognition Awards. We have many students who are doing a great job making their community a better place. Please take time and send me nominations of students you know who are making a difference. The link to the application can be found by clicking here:

Addams Tech Tips

Chrome Web Apps and Extensions:

Google Drive Cheat Sheet:

Royal Oak Elementary Typing Programs: To preview these presentations please click on the following links:

Powerpoint Presentation:

Teacher Resources:

Student tags:

Google Help: Click on the link to sign up for some Google help from Mr. Youanes:

Chromebook Sign-out: Please click on the link below to access the Google Calendar for the Chromebooks. This link will allow you to see all the available time slots for checking out the Chromebooks. Each time slot is in 30 min increments. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any help:

Addams Chromebook Calendar:

Twitter @ Addams!

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If you decide to join Twitter at this point, please follow so we can follow back!

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6 Considerations When Starting a Class Twitter Account:

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