Warning! Help us save Sea Turtles!

Warning By: Natalie Fleshman

Sea Turtles Could Become Extincted!

HELP! Sea Turtles could become extincted because of a paper and plastic bag problem. People through paper or plastic bags on the ground and that creates

litter. Then the litter can get blown away into the sewers and end up in the ocean. Sea Turtles eat jelly fish but sea turtles think the plastic bags or paper bags are jelly fish and then they eat them. The bags get stuck in their stomach leaving no room for food that causes them to get sick and die.

How Can We Solve This Problem

Well we could help by NOT throughing paper bag or a plastic bag on ground and NOT creating litter! That means the GOOD choice to make is put it in the recicling so that it can't travel to the ocean. That its INPOSABLE to reach the sea turtles and that way they won't become sick.

Help Us Safely Support Sea Turtles!

From the text How Can We Solve This Problem you learned that you can put the recicling and that means you one sea from eating and dieing whitch is good! A sea turtle looks touph on the outside like on it's shell but in the inside of the shell is really fragile! Now you have read more about sea turtles and the paer and plastic bag problem! Hope you follow the rule about recicling too. Bye