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Minecraft: The Building Blocks

Minecraft: The Building Blocks is designed to take an educator who has very little experience with Minecraft through the fundamentals of the game all the way though his or her first lesson. The courses are asynchronous, so you can move through the lessons at your own pace while playing and learning inside the game.

The series is split into four courses:

  • Part 1 - The Basics: You'll play our tutorial world where you'll learn the basic commands & have your first conversation with your students about Minecraft.
  • Part 2 - Lesson Exploration: You'll experience two lessons as a student yourself while learning to use several fundamental teaching tools that were designed especially for schools.
  • Part 3 - Time to Teach: You'll prepare for your very first lesson by setting your classroom up for success by setting clear expectations & choosing a meaningful AND simple first lesson to teach.
  • Part 4 - Minecraft in your Curriculum: You'll end by walking through our arsenal of free lesson plans and worlds, gain inspiration from how other educators are using Minecraft around the globe, and brainstorm how you'll leverage Minecraft moving forward.

Minecraft: The Building Blocks - Part 1

The first part in the series will get you accustomed to navigating around while also preparing you to take the game-spaced learning activities into your classroom. You will have a better understanding of the technical requirements for the Education Edition of Minecraft, be guided through Task 1 which will teach you the basics of navigating inside the Minecraft world. Task 2 in the course will teach you how to craft inside Minecraft using an endless inventory, while also learning how to begin having conversations with your students about where and how they would like to see Minecraft integrated into your classroom. This course also contains some Extra Credit tasks for those that are intrinsically motivated by their own learning growth!

To go to this course, click Minecraft: The Building Blocks - Part 1

Minecraft: The Building Blocks - Part 2

In this second part, you will complete two new lessons as a student yourself. Task 3 will help you build your own landmark and Task 4 challenges you to build what you can using only 21 blocks. Both of these lessons introduce you to additional features that make the game even easier to integrate into your classroom: the ability to take photos, the ability to document learning in a Book and Quill, and the ability to export your learning in a tangible way.

These will give you more experience playing the game, as well as give you a better understanding of what your students experience. It will empower you with new lesson ideas that you can take into your classroom and begin implementing Minecraft Education Edition features to meet your students’ needs.

To go to this course, click Minecraft: The Building Blocks - Part 2

Minecraft: The Building Blocks - Part 3

In this third part, you’ll prepare to teach your first Minecraft lesson. You’ll be guided through Task 5 which will help you set up your class for success by adjusting settings in game, and Task 6 which will help you choose your first lesson that you will integrate the Education Edition into your classroom. You will also have access to the Minecraft Lesson Plan Template that you can use to organize your lesson, as well as upload it to the Minecraft online community so other educators can benefit from your learning experience!

To go to this course, click Minecraft: The Building Blocks - Part 3

Minecraft: The Building Blocks - Part 4

In this last part of the series, you’ll navigate the additional resources that are available to you as an educator in Minecraft and begin brainstorming new and innovative ways to bring game-based learning activities into your curriculum. These additional resources include the Classroom Mode where you can optimize classroom management techniques while in a virtual space, Codebuilder which allows you to teach coding to your students through the Minecraft platform to both students with no coding experience as well as advanced students using java script, and then the Chemistry lab in Minecraft where you can introduce students to chemicals and lab structures in a safe environment. Each of these empowers you as the educator to incorporate advanced features of the Minecraft platform while not needing to be the expert; instead, be a facilitator of learning inside the Minecraft world.

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