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about my interview

Imagine if you had cancer. My aunt Cara had been a typical healthy person. One day that changed. Cara became diagnosed with breast cancer. Except that didn't dampen her optimistic attitude. She fought off breast cancer with a positive attitude. Listen to this interview and see how Cara coped with cancer, fought it off, and remained so strong.

The word "hero" doesn't have just one definition. Whats yours? This is mine.

My definition

When one hears the word hero the first idea that comes to mind is a superhero in a cape flying to save people from a villain. Although many think of a hero as someone with powers and a cape, it actually means much more than that. A hero doesn't have to be someone in a cape, does it? Actually a hero can be just an ordinary person. A hero is a person that you look up to because they can preserver through any problems that come their way and inspire others through their actions.

About nina dobrve

Nina Dobrev seems like a typical hollywood actress. Except that many don't know how much she does for others. Nina has helped design tee shirts for charity to going to Africa to teach kids. See why Nina deserves to be a hero and is similar to my aunt. Read to find out.

Could your attitude affect recovery?

During breast cancer Cara was optimistic. I didn't understand how some one with cancer could stay so strong through such a hard time. What Cara didn't know was that her positive attitude affected her recovery from cancer. Read to find out how attitude affects mental and physical recovery.

More about Cara

Besides over coming cancer, Cara teaches gym and is a physical trainer. In her free time Cara designs quilts, stuffed animals, pillows, and many other things. She is very talented. Recently she made about 50 stuffed anaimlas and donated them to kids in need. Cara is an optimistic, persistent, admirable person that I am lucky to have in my life. One of her greatest accomplishments is writing a book about cancer. The book consists her experience of cancer and advice for other patients going through the same thing. Cara says she wrote this book because she hopes to help others.
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Click here to learn more about cara's book

This is Cara's website; you can buy her book here.

Photo gallery of Cara

Courageous- Cara fought and went through cancer with a brave face

Artistic- Pillows, quilts, animals: Cara designs and sews anything

Relaible- Cara has always there for me

Active-Cara is always running races and working out

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