Game Changers

By: Cody Cavil


In a city called Rockwell, a young boy is beginning the start of the basketball season. In football his team had won the championship and was hoping to do it again in basketball.

My characters name is Ben. for his age Ben is very short. In basketball he is considered the best Point Guard in the Rockwell area. He is determined to win the championship again in basketball just like football.

Rising Action

  • The first preseason game against there biggest rival.
  • They lose the preseason game to biggest rival
  • After losing new kid braggs a lot and Ben and him almost fight on the court
  • After preseason game his teams starts off the season losing there first two games
  • They go on a winning steak of two games
  • A team that hasn't won all year has to win in order for Ben's team to go to the palyoffs


They play there biggest rival for the last game of the season. They win and the kid who brags a lot becomes ashamed of himself and apologizes to Ben for being such a bad sport.


Ben makes the games winning shot and him and his enemy become friends and prepare for baseball season.


To be a good sport when playing a team or non team sport. Even if you lose still be respectful of the other team(Mike Lupica)

Non-Fiction Sorce

I chose this website because my book is all about the sport basketball. Ben my main character is very good at basketball and it is his favorite sport.

5 facts from Non-Fiction website

  • Basketball was created in 1891
  • The first game of basketball was played with a soccer ball
  • "The sport when it was first created was a very rough sport"says
  • According to sportsknowhow.comFirst pro basketball game was played in 1896
  • First pro league was created in 1898