Springs Community Expo

Supporting Small Business

Springs Community Expo

Saturday, Oct. 19th 2013 at 10am-4pm

3650 North Nevada Avenue

Colorado Springs, CO

Exhibitor Form

Please fill out the form below for the opportunity to exhibit your business in this Community Expo.

Name of Business:________________________________________________________________________

Main Contact:_____________________________________________________________________________

How many people will be running the booth: ____________________________________________





Phone Number:__________________________________________________________________________

Booth Size Requesting: ___8 x 8 ($50 each) ___10 x 10 ($75 each)

Booth Extras: ____Tables ($10 each) ____Electricity ($35)

*Note: Food vendors may give samples of their product. Sale of food products is subject to a 15% fee to the Expo Center.

*Cancellation Policy: Exhibitors may cancel ten (10) days after approved application. After the 10 days no refunds will be allowed.

*This event is on a first come first serve basis. Your information will be placed on a wait list and you will be contacted if another vendor has cancelled.

Please contact Maggie Reilly at pamperednanna@earthlink.net.