2nd Hand News

November 3-7

As we begin November, we are working on "add an addend" and "missing number" Marcy Cook Tiles. With all the good things we are doing in addition, subtraction should be a breeze! Our spelling rule of the week was an important one: to make a plural out of a words that end in y, change y to i and add -es. We discovered Thanksgiving word definitions in our new favorite book, the dictionary. In reading, we made predictions and discussed how a protagonist can "trick and help" at the same time. It rained on a tree observation day so we measured the diameter (using centimeters) of indoor things. We are excited for our field trip to the Churchville Nature Center on MONDAY. It will add to our learning about Native American history in our area including how they lived, clothing, and customs.


  • Lenape Village on Monday. Dress appropriately and pack a lunch.
  • Neckties...c'mon dads, you know you are stylish but there must be more washed up neckties in that closet! Let Them Go.
  • It's getting cold outside. Calling all 2nd graders to dress warmly with a coat/hat/gloves combination.
  • Lower School Parenting Night: Tuesday, November 18th, 6:30-8 pm.

Stay warm this weekend!

With a smile,

Mrs. Nyce