Final exam cheat sheet

Joe Bartholomew

The spread of the English language is a result of the spread of American culture.
United States has natural and man made borders
Columbian exchange gave economy a big boost
Countries aligned with Russia are still effected by the cold war
Lack of warm water ports to trade is bad for russia
Russia thinks cutting off trade will hurt our economy
North Africa is different because of Sahara
Increased international travel spreads disease (globalization)
Conflict is centered around land in africa
Caribbean was a stop while bringing slaves
Europeans forced Africans to take their way of life
Israel borders change because of conflict with neighbors
Middle East needs to diversify their economy, not just oil.
Saudi Arabia, religious sites and oil
Middle East is leader in desalinization because of lack of fresh water
Natural resources aren't distributed evenly
Himalayas are above India
India and Pakistan( hindus and muslims) each think province of Kashmir is theirs
Southeast Asia depends on monsoons because that's when they get the most rain
Chinese love on east coast
Japan is very developed
Stateless nation, group that isn't main population
Population density, number of people living per square mile
Outsourcing, hiring outside of nation
Subsistence farming, making only enough for your family
Commercial farming, farm to sell
Cultural assimilation, persons culture comes to resemble another culture
Cultural hearth, area where cultures share new ideas, New York City
Cultural diffusion, spreading of culture
Urbanization, rural to urban
Globalization, development of global society, can lead to position, disease, loss of tradition
Totalitarian, dictator
High GDP, developed country.