Alcohol Prohibition

Patrick & Jacob

The Prohibition

The prohibition was during the 1920's. Congress passed the temporary Wartime Prohibition Act, which banned the sale of alcoholic beverages. Most of the alcohol was poured out and wasted.

Why did people not want the prohibition.

Catholic churches did not support the law due to them not wanted the government to redefine the uses of wine in their churches. Other people did not because they believed it effected their free rights.

More crime during the prohibition

The prohibition outlawing alcohol only made people want it more. People wanted to get their hands on this illegal toxins. Mob bosses like Al Capone were in charge of keeping the alcohol flowing to places like speakeasies. Al Capone made an average of 60,000,000$ a year on selling alcohol. And wasn't caught for this, he later was imprisoned and given the maximum penalty for not paying his taxes.

Repeal of The Prohibition.

People like Rockefeller and Pauline Sabin wanted to repeal the act because they claimed it made America a nation of hypocrites. On December 5, 1933 the prohibition was repealed with the twenty-first amendment. Although it was ended nationally , states were allowed to make their own laws and ruling on the matter. If the state chose to still prohibit the sale of alcohol it was considered a dry state.

Why did the prohibition end?

The prohibition ended because of many different reasons but mainly because the death tole of people that drank alcohol rose due to the illegal alcohol being poisonous. This is one of the less spoken of reasons for the ending of prohibition.