Fabulous Africa

by Elise Faye Goldberg

The Sahara Desert

Did you know that the Sahara Desert is the worlds largest Desert in the world! THis is a harsh landscape. In the day is very hot but at night is nice and cool. this is about 3,500,000 squared miles. You can sand surf on the dunes

The nile

The Nile River is an astounding 4,160 ft. long! IT provides water for 1,000's. IT is the longest river in the world. You can go bungee jumping and white water rafting.

Atlas Mountians

This is a mountain range that is 1,500 miles long. This is a barrier between the Mediterranean basin and the Sahara Desert. The have many mineral for prospectors. This is a great place to hike.


The Sahel is natural pasture for farm animals. Though it doesn't rain for eight months but it can get up to 8 inches when it does. You can do thing like running, and farming.