Charles Cornwallis

Madison Bidwell

Important Facts

1. Charles Cornwallis was a statesman.

2. Was educated at Eton and got his ensign's commission in the Grenadier Guards in the 1756 and also attended a military academy in Turin.

3. He fought in the American Revolution, he was a British soldier and won a lot of battles.

Family Life

He was born old, distinguished, and aristocrat family. He was educated at Eton and Cambridge. He married Jemima Jones. His children were a daughter named Mary,and a son named Charles.

Famous For

He won a lot of little battles in the American Revolution. He fought a lot too. He was called General Cornwallis.

Role in the Revolution

Charles Cornwallis was a British soldier and a statesman. He fought many battles and he won many of them too. During the war he was called General Cornwallis.

Life After the Revoultion

He, Charles Cornwallis retired from politics in 1768 and he dedicated himself to his children and his wife. He felt like he needed a break and he wanted time with his family before his life was over. He died after the Revolutionary War In October 5, 1805.