Marbury v. Madison

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Judicial Review: Crash Course Government and Politics #21


This court case was held around the time the 3rd presidential election was held and when America was just starting out. The reason for this court case to come about was because of the dispute between Jefferson, who started the court case and Adams, who fought against it and appointed judge Marbury to go against him but it was all just to pass judicial review in D.C.

The People Behind It

The Decision

On February of 1803, the court had a unanimous vote of 4-0 that Marbury had the right to his commision. A whole argument was built up with James Madison refusing to process Marbury's selection but Marbury fought back and requested a writ of mandamus, which would force Madison to make his appointment official. After the whole dispute he finally was cleared to make his decision to modify the Judiciary Act of 1789. President Jefferson was pleased with the new act that was passed because it meant that the judicial branch couldn't gain or lose power over the executive and legislative branches