The STEAM Wolverine Gazette

December Edition

Biruda House 2nd Six Weeks House Champions!

During the second six weeks, the Biruda house won the point challenge. As a reward, Biruda was able to have a kickball tournament during the school day. There were five teams, each competed in knockout rounds resulting team 2 winning overall. Congratulations to everyone that played! A special shout out to the team 2 members, William A, Hannah B, Johnathan B, Connor B, Malakai C, Marc C, Tyler C, Daniel C, Grace C, Wyatt D, Ethan F, Torin H, Hunter L, Ashlin M, Clare P, Chandler P, Cinthia R, Izabella R, Drue S, Mallory T, Jace W, and Jayden W. Congratulations to ALL of Biruda!!

Madison Randolph, 6th grade

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Girl's Club: What is the club about and who can join?

Below is an interview with Jenna Palmer, president of the girl’s club.

What are you working on in the Girls Club?

The Girl’s Club just finished an information sheet their interests, likes and dislikes.

When and where are the girl’s club meetings?

We meet in Mrs.Bishop’s room from 7:50am to 8:15am on Tuesday and Fridays, every other week. Any girl from STEAM can join.

How many girls have attended the meetings so far?

Almost every meeting, we get new members but so far we have 14.

What is the biggest thing the club is doing for the holidays?

We are planning to do secret santa gift exchange.

Why did you start girls club?

So girls could communicate and make new friends. This is especially important because we are a new school and it has helped up get to know each other.

  • Haliee Lambert, 6th grader

October's Teacher of the Month!

Please help with congratulating Ms. Lindsey Mondon as our Teacher of the Month for October!

Here is some of the things that was said about Ms. Mondon:

I would like to nominate Lindsey Mondon for Teacher of the Month! Lindsey works selflessly, and endlessly to provide the most engaging and student centered lessons for her students to get interested in and excited about science. The students seem to really enjoy and appreciate the experience she offers!! It is impressive with the way she just throws herself into each day, enthused and a truly committed to making connections on not just an academic level but also personally with her students. In addition to her stellar classroom experience---she manages two preps, leads a club in a topic that's new to her, leads the 8th grade team and manages our weekly newsletter, manages the Kawani House, participates on our CEIC, and sponsors NJHS!! Lindsey Mondon has embraced the mission of STEAM by engaging her students in integrated hands-on learning and project-based learning. She is always smiling. Ms. Mondon looks for the best in all of her students. Lindsey is a team leader and advisor. She always has a positive attitude, even when she's exhausted. She does some amazingly creative things with her kids. Ms. Mondon is ALWAYS ready to help a colleague with anything they need, and she makes herself available to provide encouragement and support.

Congrats, Ms. Mondon!

STEAM PTO Hoodie Fundraiser!

STEAM Parents, Guardians, and Students:

Houses are an important part of the positive school culture developing at STEAM. The STEAM House experience includes healthy competition, camaraderie, support, and excitement for staff and students.

As a result, STEAM PTO is hosting a fundraiser providing students with the opportunity to purchase a House hoodie or t-shirt. Hoodies and t-shirts will be available in House colors or gray and will include the House name and STEAM logo on the front.

Please click here to order a STEAM House hoodie and/or t-shirt via online form. Orders must be completed and payments received by December 15. Upon completion of the online form, you will receive a confirmation email that includes the total monetary amount due and an order summary.

If you have questions or need further information, click here.

Full STEAM ahead,


Restaurant Review: Logan's Roadhouse!

Beef!.....It’s what’s for dinner!!! I had the opportunity to eat at Logan’s Roadhouse with my parents. We arrived there at approximately 5:30pm. It seemed pretty busy from the parking lot. Once we got inside we were greeted and escorted to our table immediately. We put in our drink order and came within 5 minutes. Our waiter brought us some hot rolls with butter to enjoy while we decided what to eat. I chose filet mignon with a baked potato and a salad. The waiter “Mike” was back at our table taking our order by the time I made up my mind. My salad was brought out within ….no kidding….1 minute! The lettuce was fresh, not wilted at all, and also had croutons, carrots and tomatoes on it, I added bleu cheese dressing and it tasted great. We did wait for our food for a good 20 minutes though. Once I got my plate, it looked delicious! My 13 ounce steak was like butter melting in your mouth, cooked perfectly medium well. My baked potato had butter, sour cream, and bacon on it and I could have ate two of them! My steak did not even need any A-1 sauce on it, it was so good. My meal cost $ 16.99, and although I thought the price seemed kind of high, my parents explained that this cut of meat (filet mignon) was very expensive because there is barely any fat on it. Let me just say, I would have paid $20.00 for that meal! Everyone should make time with their families to go and have a meal together. Oh yeah, if you don’t want to wait for your salad for a minute, then you can always have some peanuts for a snack before your appetizer, because each table has a huge bucket of them! I will be returning to Logan’s as soon as I can to have that again!

- Ethan Barker 6th grader

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Hour of Code Info!

Mark your calendars for the Hour of Code and Club Showcase Night at STEAM!

Wednesday December 9th - 6:00-7:30

Join us for a night of techie fun and see all of the great things our clubs have been doing.

@codeorg #hourofcode

STEAM Middle School - E Wing, Centennial High School

Hour of Code/Club Showcase Night

Wednesday December 9th

6:00 - 7:30

  • Coding Club will host several stations with coding activities - online and unplugged

  • Robotics club will demo the the Lego League Robot Table

  • Tech Club will demo makerspace items

  • Other clubs will share what they have been doing. Each club will have a space along the hallways or in classrooms depending on the amount of space needed.

  • Community members will provide hands-on tech activities


Kuperman Orthodontics (photo booth) - Lauren

Kimberly Lane - Hour of Code Trainer -

Erik Leaseburg - Hour of Code Volunteer - Senior Manager – Sogeti USA

J. David Mendoza - Hour of Code Volunteer - Senior Software Engineer - Southwestern Adventist University

Scott Moelling - Engineer

Joshua Geer - CHS Faculty

Kim Estes - BISD Technology


  • Sphero Balls

    • Morgan’s Tech Club/TA’s

  • Makey-Makey

    • Morgan’s Tech Club/TA’s

  • Snap Circuits

    • Morgan’s Tech Club/TA’s

  • Little Bits

    • Morgan’s Tech club/TA’s

  • LaQ building blocks

    • Morgan’s Tech Club/TA’s

  • Play Osmo

    • Morgan’s Tech Club/TA’s

  • Chromebook Tips and Tricks

    • Morgan’s Tech Club

  • Dove’s Robotics Club

    • Lego Robotics

  • Raspberry Pi

    • Scott Moelling

  • Scratch

    • Robert Kroelinger

  • Bishop’s Art Class - Painting with a Wolverine

    • student led watercoloring class $5.00

  • Bishop’s Theater Club - theatrical skits

  • Harrison’s Rachel’s Challenge Club

    • tri-fold board with mission. projects, and plans

  • Billing’s Chess Club

    • Digital chess display and chess playing area

  • Goulding/Quisenberry Science Club

    • Chunkin’ Punkin’ Catapults

Unplugged Stations:

Kim Lane - Binary Bracelets

Joshua Geer - Coding with Cards

? Building a Foundation

? Happy Maps

? Your Digital Footprint


  • Hour of Code

    • Erik Leaseburg/Coding club

    • David Mendoza/Coding club

  • Middle Schoolers and Social Media

    • Kim Estes


  • Concessions - STEAM PTO

  • Photo Booth - Kuperman Orthodontics

STEAM Middle School Hour of Code

Plan for the week of Dec 7-13

All students of STEAM will be challenged to participate in Hour of Code during this week.

Every student at STEAM has their own Chromebook to use at school and at home.


  • Steam Middle School students are divided into 4 houses

  • Each house will have their own Hour of Code class set up on

  • Houses will compete against each other to write as many lines of code as possible.

  • Daily reminders will be posted on social media to encourage kids to code every day.

  • The House with the most lines of codes wins!

Days and Times:

  • Mon-Fri Dec 7-11

    • 12:30 - 1:00 Kick off Assembly - CHS Auditorium

    • All students should be registered on by end of day

  • Wednesday Dec. 9th

    • STEAM Hour of Code/Club Showcase Night 6-7:30

  • Thursday Dec 10th

    • All clubs will participate in Hour of Code during school-wide club time 1:00-2:00 pm. Coding club students will assist.

  • Fri Dec 11th - Sun Dec 13th

    • Will continue to challenge students via social media to continue coding over the weekend.

  • Mon Dec. 14th

    • Lines of code will be tallied and house winner will be determined.

Hour of Code Kick-Off Assembly


Monday Dec 7th

12:20 - Students proceed to auditorium

12:30 - What is Coding? (unplugged coding demo - whole group)

12:35 - What is the Hour of Code (Official Video)

12:40 - Open Mic - Administrators encourage, inspire, and challenge students to participate in at least one hour of coding throughout the week

12:50 - THE CHALLENGE - House challenge explained

1:00 - Students dismissed to 5th period

Pumpkin Chunkin'!

Science Club is having their "Punkin' Chunkin' " December 8 with catapults they built. The catapults will be out for students to see and they can vote that day for the one they think will chunk it farthest. It will be during club time and faculty and students are invited to come watch.