Year 2 News

13th September 2013

First Full Week

This has been the first full week in Year Two and the first week of specialist lessons. All the children have visited the library and chosen two books. Don't forget to send them back on Monday. The children have been to Dutch, Music and P.E, they learnt lots of new and exciting things.

Journey To The Moon

Both Year Two classes joined togeher to go on their first school visit of the year. The destination was the moon! They helped each other to put on the correct suits and equipment before making their way to the bus. The bus dropped them off in the rocket and after a countdown they travelled to space. Once in space they enjoyed the feeling weightless and explored. After their adventure was complete the children came back to class to retell their story and write it up. The teachers were impressed with the detail and description the children included.

Space Experts

All of the children have shown what knowledge they already have about space. Again the teachers were very impressed! The children were also asked what they would like to find out about space and have created questions. They have been learning how to find out answers and research. All the children decided they could use books, internet and space experts. So are you a space expert? Can you answer one of our questions? Come and have a look at the questions in D2VF. You can take the question away research and send an answer in......or maybe you are an expert and know already!


  • The school gates and door now open at 8:30 and registration is at 8:45. Children who arrive after registration will be marked as late.

  • Children need to come to school wearing their P.E kit every Tuesday and Thursday.

  • To avoid anything getting lost please remember to name EVERYTHING your child brings to school including their uniform, PE kit, snack and lunch boxes.

  • As the weather is so unpredictable it is important that your child has a jacket or coat with them at school every day. If there is only a little rain or drizzle they will be going outside at playtime.

Parent Information Evening

Tuesday, Sep. 17th 2013 at 6:30pm

Junior School Diamanthorst