American System

Jacob Nelson


The Purpose of the American System was to unify and strengthen the nation as a whole.

Many people in America realized after the war of 1812 the country needed multitudes of changes so they implemented the American System.

Nationalism vs Sectionallism

Nationalism is having pride in ones nation. After the war of 1812, there was a great amount of nationalism in the United States. Having the ability to stand up to a much better military provided a great amount of pride for the nation.

Sectionalism is identifying yourself with a specific region of the country. People would establish themselves as "New Englanders or southerners". This is very dangerous since it promotes separation of the people and can lead to rebellions.

Key Concepts of American System

All parts of the American system was to help grow the nation. The concepts included a high tariff to help protect American manufacturing. Also, there was many infrastructure improvements that built and repaired many roads and bridges. Preserving the bank of the United States was an important concept because it stabilized the currency. Finally, selling land to generate federal revenue is a main part of the American System.

Henry Clay Biography

Henry Clay was a US congressman as well as the secretary of state during John Quincy Adam's presidency. Born on April 12th, 1777 in Virginia, Henry Clay grew up in a large wealthy family. Clay was elected to both the senate and House of Representatives, where he was actually the speaker of the house. He did several great things during his political career that included negotiations between slave states and free states that resulted in the Missouri Compromise of 1820. He prevented a break up of the United States a total of 3 times in his career. Clay ran for president several times but surprisingly was never elected. Henry Clay's legacy in United States politics was one of the greatest ever, despite not being the president.