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Symptoms of Being born a Heroin Baby:

Being born as a Heroin addicted baby may include the following Symptom examples.

1. Excessive crying, fever, irritability, seizures, slow weight gain, tremors, diarrhea, vomiting, and possibly death.

2. Once born, these infants require less morphine and shorter hospital stays as compared to infants born of mothers on methadone maintenance treatment.

How to prevent:


Statistics of Heroin children:

Today (2016) the amount of children born addicted to heroin is about 45,000. With a growing rate every year. It has progressed since 2003 starting with a rate of 5,000 babies.

Support Groups To help:

  1. Wellness Pointe-
  2. Address: 602 Titus St #130, Gilmer, TX 75644

    Phone:(903) 758-2610

    2. Behavioral Hospital of Longview TX

    Address: 22 Bermuda Lane

    Longview, TX 75605


    Main Phone: (866) 977-3456
    Local Phone: (903) 291-3456

      3.Center of Rehabilitation
      Address: 3202 N Fourth St #101, Longview, TX 75605
        Phone: (903) 236-3566