12 Angry Men

Juror #8

The one who stood up for what he thought was right and just.

Davis, juror #8 served on the jury for a case where an 18 year old male was accused of stabbing his father to death. 12 men had to come up with a 12 or nothing vote to decide this young mans fate. The first ruling Davis was the only one who voted not guilty. By the end of the story he had changed the minds of 11 other men.

NUMBER 8 - Davis

He is an architect with much knowledge and skill and uses his smarts to prove the innocence of an adolescent accused of murdering his father.

By working diligently to solve this case he was able so persuade 11 other men to say not guilty.

Safe Haven

By giving the case extra thought and a little bit of perseverance Davis pretty much saved the life of a young man. Slowly 1 by 1 he persuaded every juror to rethink his decision and give the accused boy a second chance at life even though some of the facts were a bit suspicious.