The Weekly Hoot

July 29 - August 4, 2013

Greetings All -

Sorry this is late! I am at TIF camp in San Marcos and we have been going non-stop! I hope all of you are having a great week!

Just a few things to let you know about today. The first thing is if you have not RSVPd to the Back to School BBQ invitation that I sent you last week, please do so ASAP so we can get a number for food. It is an invitation from Punchbowl. It might be in your spam folder, so please check. Make sure when you RSVP that you indicate if you are going to bring a guest and if you can bring one of the items listed. It's going to be so much fun!!

Also, please let me know if you will be available to make it up to the school and help us decorate the halls and common areas on Wednesday, August 7th. I want to make sure I order enough pizza for us!

Lastly, there have been some dress code changes for the following year. Please read these before you go out shopping:

1. T-shirts can only be worn on spirit days with jeans. We will still have "Dollar Denim Days" on Thursdays, but a nicer shirt must be worn with jeans on those days.

2. No type of shorts can be worn. The only day shorts can be worn is on Field Day, and they must be longer than fingertip length.

3. If you wear leggings, the shirt you wear over them must be longer than your fingertips (mid-thigh at least).

4. Shirts that are worn under burnout shirts, must have a strap that is at least 3 fingers wide.

5. No jogging type suits, yoga pants, wind pants, etc... (except for physical education teachers)

5. Tennis shoes can not be worn except on spirit days (basically Fridays).

6. Dressy flip flops are fine; rubber, Old Navy-type flip flops are not.

By dressing professionally, we are setting a tone for our students, visitors to our school, and the community that we are professionals.

I hope everyone has a great week!

Soaring with you this year,


Owl Wings This Week Go To...

All of the CLFs and Connie, our CLL who are here in San Marcos soaking up TONS of information to help make us an exceptional staff next year!!

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Summertime ends, but memories last forever...

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---TIF camp

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July 30 - Christy Harper

August 2 - Amberly Kolby

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Monday, July 29

--Marcy @ TIF Camp

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Thursday, August 1

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