6 Weeks Homework

English Language Arts

Brainstorming ideas (Graphic Organizers)

Brainstorming-Produce an idea or way of solving a problem by holding spontaneous group discussion.

Revising and Editing Techeniques

Last summer I spent a month down at my home place in Mobile, Alabama. It is really beautiful down there. There is lots of lakes, rivers and oceans. I think that the oceans are the most beautiful thing in Alabama they sparkle in the sunlight also they are clear as day. The sand feels really good in between my toes. As I was walking the beach the wind blows right through my hair and the waves go right past my feet. I love going to Dolphin Island Beach

impotance of plot and setting when creating stories

When we create stories we need to have a plot and setting because we need to know when and were the story is taking place. To me I personally think that plot and setting is the most important thing when making a story. We also need plot and setting cause we need to know the 5 W's, we need to know who was involved, what happened, when did it happen, where did it happen, why did it happen, how did it happen?.

Analyze different forms of point of view

There is 3 types of point of views the is, 1st person point of view. 2nd person point of view and 3rd person point of view. 1st person point of view is when your telling a story from your perspective. 2nd point of view is when the narrator is speaking directly to the reader using words you and your. 3rd person omniscient is the thoughts of every character are open to the reader. 3rd person limited is the reader enters the mind of only one character.
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