Sparta Times

By: Joe B, Josh N, and Aureo Z


Born at the island of Tiryins and was thrown out to the ocean. They were found the next day by a fisherman at the island of Seriphos. The fisherman overcomed by Perseus' mother's beauty, he took them and cared for them.When he grew older his mother was asked to marry Polydectes,when he saw Perseus he had him prove his manhood by going out to kill Medusa.Polydectes knowing that Perseus would fail in his quest sent him to kill Medusa.Meanwhile, watching over his son sent him weapons and things that would help him kill Medusa.Later on he killed Medusa and showing the head to Polydectes and his court, they all turned into stone and Perseus left in rage.

How Perseus and Joe Flacco are alike and different.

How they are alike.

1. They are both male

2. They both have kids

3. They both won an important battle

4. They are both considered gods by some people. (49ers fans don’t)

How they are different.

1. Perseus is a demi-god. 2. One won a Super-Bowl the other won a head. 3. One fought alone and one fought on a team 4. One is real. 5. One used shoulder pads and one used a shield.

Perseus Interview

Intern: Hello, Hello, Welcome to Spartan Times.

Intern: Here we have perseus from Seriphos.

Perseus: Hello.

Intern: So I hear you're from Seriphos, is that right?

Perseus: Well no.

Intern:Really? Then where are you from?

Perseus: Well I don’t know. My mother would know because were banished by my grandfather.

Intern: Why where you banished?

Perseus: I was banished because the of apollo prophecy foretold that i would kill my grandfather and I did in a freak accident.

Intern: So how was it when you beheaded the gorgon Medusa?

Perseus: Well It was really hard because I was ducking my head under Athena’s shield and I was trying to find her.

Intern: Well thats all the time we have folks so good bye.