The Falcon Report

May 19, 2017


Here is your bi-weekly Falcon Report. We hope you enjoy it! Don't forget to check out our website and Facebook page. We like to keep them as up-to-date as possible with information that you'll be interested in. We hope that you'll enjoy keeping up with our school's happenings as the year goes along.

From the District Administrator's Office

As our school year draws to a close, we are congratulating and wishing the best of luck to two of our teachers that will be stepping away from their careers as educators.

After 32 years of teaching our children here at Flambeau, Jim Stewart will be retiring from his duties as an elementary classroom teacher.

Ron Cerveny has been challenging our high school science students for the past ten years at Flambeau and 23 years overall.

Both of these gentlemen have dedicated their careers to helping our children grow and learn. We appreciate everything they have done and wish them the best of luck in their next adventures.

-- Mr. Hanson

From the Elementary Principal's Office

The storm that went though our district on Tuesday night reminded me of how strong Mother Nature can be at times. Driving around on Wednesday and Thursday, looking at the aftermath of the storm, it was humbling to see the power that wind can create. The silver-lining from the storm is how this great community has been so willing to help others that have been affected.

We will be sending out summer school schedules for students next week so look for them in the mail. We will be wrapping up the regular school year and starting summer school and swimming lessons on June 12th.

Another summer program you may want to look at for your child is the Rusk County Community Library Summer Library Program which is from June 11-August 12. There will be events at the library on Fridays starting at 11 a.m. Contact the library from June 1-10 to get registered.

A game that I have heard a few of our students talking about is Five Nights at Freddy’s. It is a series of horror-themed video games, in which the player usually takes on the role of a night guard fighting violent animatronic characters at Freddy Faber’s Pizza. The game looks like a kid's game with a Teddy Bear, but it is not appropriate for young children. You may want to monitor your younger children if they are playing this game because it was not designed to be a game for elementary students. I know that my children have a lot more time in the summer that they spend online playing games or watching videos, so I thought this link is a good reminder to make sure our kids are safe while online.

-- Mr. Ross

From the Middle/High School Principal's Office

While this week has been a very emotional one, it has also been one that has brought great pride to our community. On Wednesday we loaded three buses of middle and high school students to assist with storm cleanup. I was so filled with pride as I saw students working together to help out these families. We truly have a remarkable community and wonderful students. I feel so fortunate to be a part of it!

On that note, we are aware of a few families that are still in need of assistance with clean-up. If you are someone who is looking to help but don't know who or where, please contact the office as we can connect you with a family in need.

Recently there has been some concern regarding the popular book and Netflix series “13 Reasons Why.” When the book was first published in 2007, I read it and kept it on my mind as a possibility to incorporate into our High School English curriculum in order to raise awareness about online bullying. The book, “13 Reasons Why” follows Hannah Baker, a fictional teenage girl, who leaves behind 13 mysterious audio recordings after committing suicide. Each of the recordings is addressed to a person who Hannah says played a role in her tragic decision to end her own life.

Because there is so much controversy revolving around the newly produced Netflix series, I encourage you as parents to check it out for yourselves. Read the book, watch an episode and be aware of the issues in the show. If you know your child is reading the book or watching the series, take time to talk about the content. Experts feel that the series may be romanticizing suicide and not encouraging teenagers to seek help from family members or school counselors. The National Association of School Psychologists “do not recommend that vulnerable youth, especially those who have any degree of suicidal ideation watch this series. Its powerful storytelling may lead impressionable viewers to romanticize the choices made by the characters and/or develop revenge fantasies.”

The bottom line for us all, educational staff members and parents alike, must simply stay informed and involved in the new trends our teenagers are being exposed to and make decisions based on the best interest of our students individually. If you have questions or concerns regarding this, please contact me at school.

Have a nice weekend!

-- Mrs. Schley

From the Athletic Director's Office

This has been a wild week with the rush of the end of another school year and so many events taking place. Our seniors have only one week left of school, and everyone else has two weeks. We have celebrated another great year with lots of field trips and events, and I'd like to thank those who have been gracious hosts and also those volunteers who have helped to make these events possible.

We keep the momentum going next week with the track regional on Monday, softball regional on Wednesday, the choir awards banquet on Wednesday, and many music programs over the next two weeks. Graduation is at 1:00 next Saturday, May 27th. Please come if you're able. Our students appreciate the support and enjoy seeing the friendly faces in the crowds at these events.

Lastly but not least, I want to point out the amazing outpouring of support that I have witnessed this week. Community members of all ages have strapped on their boots and helped our neighbors in need. Things like this make me even more proud to be a Falcon.

-- Mr. Alberson

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