2nd Grade Newsletter

January 17-21st

2nd Grade Independence

We are in the 4th 6 weeks! We will no longer read any part of the reading assessment to them. Students will be expected to complete the entire assessment on their own. This is to support them on their journey to 3rd grade readiness!


Students will continue to get homework each week on Monday and will have until Friday to return it. This is simply a reading passage and questions attached. The homework will not be taken for a grade. With that being said, the homework is highly beneficial in supporting mastery of skills, increasing reading fluency, and preparing students for 3rd grade.


Please be sure to check folders and agendas every night and help students remember to bring them to school everyday. We know many folders need replacing. We plan on replacing many of the folders once returning from Christmas break.

Absences - if you think your child will be absent please let the office know first as well as your teacher, so that we can make arrangements for make-up work.

Spelling tests will continue. Students will be responsible for writing them into their agendas and studying them at in class and at home. Spelling tests will be on Fridays.

Students may bring a water bottle and snack.

Students will need headphones to keep at school. We are still use Lexia and other programs daily that require the use of headphones.

Students are welcome to bring a light jacket. It can get a little chilly in the classrooms sometimes. As the weather continues to get colder, please send a nice warm jacket so we can play outside.

Spelling Words for This Week

Spelling List











Instructional Focus

Language Arts: We will read a procedural text (how to) and use text features to understand information we will also be taking our Reading Map Test on Thursday.

Math: We will review this week and take our Math Map Test on Friday.

Science: We will begin our study on bodies of water.

Social Studies: We will exploring American cultures in our Studies Weekly week 19.

Important Dates

January 17th - No School/School Holiday - MLK Day

January 18th - 22nd - Middle of Year MAP Assessments

January 24th - 28th - Middle of Year MAP Fluency

February 10th - Valentine's Party in a Bag

February 11th and 14th - No School/Staff Development

Contact Information

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