Hornet Enrichment Academy

December / January Newsletter

HEA Highlights

As we near the end of the semester, we want to extend our wishes for a wonderful holiday season for our students and their families. Our students have experienced great success this semester, and we congratulate those students who have achieved their goal of high school graduation. Through the Step It UP! program, sponsored by DEEM, we have seen our students' individual attendance rate improve. 47% of our students are achieving a 95% attendance rate or better. Attendance is the #1 step students can take to achieve success, both in school and in the workplace! We encourage students to continue making strides to raise their attendance rate and Step It UP!

As we finish the semester, we want to review the HEA Academic Expectations so that students and parents can continue to monitor progress toward graduation.

Academic Expectations:

Students are expected to make sufficient progress toward graduation. HEA Mentors help students develop academic goals, and meet regularly with students to monitor progress, identify academic needs, and support personal growth and accountability. Sufficient progress is defined as:

  • Earn a minimum of (2) two academic credits each nine weeks. Earn a minimum of (4) four academic credits each semester.
  • Earn a minimum of (2) two elective credits each semester.

As a reminder, the evening session is available to all HEA students. To support sufficient academic progress, students are expected to attend at least one evening session per week. The evening session will resume on Tuesday, January 12th.

What HEA parents are saying…

"I honestly do not know where we would be without the HEA staff. The concern and care they provide for Clayton is beyond what we could ever ask or anticipate. They value him, see the best in him and believe in him when he doesn't see that in himself. They recognize the individual learner he is and they help motivate always with love and concern."

-- Melody Hamilton, HEA parent

Congratulations to our Semester 1 Graduates:

Jocelyn Whyde

January Campbell

Joe Murray

Kyra Procter

96 GRADUATES and COUNTING!! We are nearing our goal of 100 GRADUATES!

Important Dates to Remember

December 18th: Last day of Semester 1

December 21st - January 3rd: Christmas Break

January 4th: First day back for HS students and HEA C9 students

*The HEA resumes class 2nd semester one week later than the high school; however, all Central Nine students start class on January 4th. HEA C9 students will need to arrive at the HS during the week of Jan. 4th for transportation to C9. They will only attend C9 during this first week back. If you have questions regarding transportation during the week of Jan. 4th, please talk with Ms. Meier or Miss Thomas.

January 11th: First day back for HEA students

January 12th: Evening Session resumes

Student Reflections from First Semester

Senior, Shalynn Phillips: "Transitioning to the Hornet Enrichment Academy (HEA) from Beech Grove High School was not easy at first. It was difficult adjusting to seeing only about fifteen to twenty kids a day when I was used to seeing at least one hundred a day. Essentially it was better for me to be here since the teachers have more time to spend one on one with you. When you are at the HEA you are able to move through your classes at your own pace with the guidance of your mentor. Your mentors are here to make sure you stay on track to finish your assigned classes within the nine weeks, and to make sure you graduate on time. Being at the HEA has positively impacted my life and my high school experience. I am more than excited to graduate in June of 2016!"

Senior, Jennifer Adams
: "Being here at the HEA has impacted my life in a positive way. Unlike at the high school the HEA is a smaller environment so there is more one on one time with the teachers. You also have a mentor that keeps up with your progress on a day to day basis and they push and motivate you when you need it. You have two classes to finish within nine weeks, but if you finish a class early you can move on to another one. Most of the classes are online so you can also do them at home. School is not so bad when you enjoy it."

Congratulations to Bronson Weakley, HEA Junior, and Central Nine Student of the Month.

Curriculum Update:

English / Integrated Reading:

For the past few weeks, students in Integrated Reading have delved deeply into NPR's Season One podcast of Serial and the case of Adnan Syed. Students have been analyzing and evaluating evidence and arguments that were presented at Syed's trial. In addition, students have been assessing how point of view shapes the context of the podcast. Each episode has left the students in limbo forcing them to make his/her own logical inferences. It's been so much fun to see students so engrossed in a case!

Mr. Shonk and Stuart, BGCS Reading Companion, stopped by the HEA for a visit with staff and students.

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Serving Our Community: HEA staff and students helped collect, organize, and distribute Thanksgiving baskets to families in the community.

Hannah Mahurin and David Hoffman wrap presents at Hornet Park Elementary for Beech Grove families.

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