Terabyte Twosday

Almost Every Other Tuesday (if I remember)

House Keeping

1. Flash is fixed on Google Chrome, but some things still work better in Internet Explorer. Sorry for the frustration, it is being felt around the county. If you find that one program works better in Chrome vs. Internet Explorer or vise versa, please add it to the list linked here: Chrome vs. Internet Explorer

2. Kids can sign out of itslearning properly now!

3. Contact Mo ASAP if you are missing documents from your desktop.

4. Make sure to save to your H drive and not to the desktop.

5. Itslearning tests hotspots have been reported as not working in Chrome. Make sure to test before you give a test with hotspots to students.

Tuesday and Thursday after school training returns next week. Topics will include: How to use Google Drive, Forms, Slides, Sheets, Docs and Classroom along with how to create a test, how to create an assignment, how to use J2e and how to give permissions to different students.

itslearning lab

  1. Please place broken headphones in the broken headphone bucket. If broken are put back into the regular buckets, the next class thinks they work.
  2. If a computer is not working properly, put a note on my door with the cart number, the laptop number and the problem. An example, if flash is not working on a computer in chrome but it works in chrome on the computer next to it leave me a message. In the mean time try internet explorer.
  3. Please have your students put the headphones on backwards if they are not using the microphones. The microphones seem to distract many students and the constant playing with the microphones is causing undue stress on the headphones.

Edcamp Forsyth Registration

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*** Sign out is FIXED!!!! Kids can once again click their name and choose sign out. ***

Adding Audio and Video Directions in itslearning

Creating Tests in itslearning

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Drive and Docs: Basics

Using Google Forms to Create a Quiz