CATEC Newsletter

April 2021

Wrapping Up the 2020-2021 School Year

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Director's Message: Stephanie Carter

Dear CATEC Students and Families,

One of my favorite things about living in Central Virginia is the change in seasons. I am thoroughly enjoying the warm weather, green leaves bursting from the trees, and the rejuvenation of wildlife. This time of year inspires hope and a feeling of renewal. Now, more than ever, I am appreciating all of the signs pointing to fresh starts and new beginnings.

May is a busy month as we celebrate all that our students have accomplished during the school year. Here's a bit about each of our events:

  • A number of our programs are involved in the CATEC Interview Week May 10-18 during which local employers will interview our students for employment.
  • Successful candidates will be offered jobs and participate in Signing Day on May 20. Signing Day is our way of recognizing students who gain employment upon competition of their CATEC program or are already employed through our internship or apprenticeship programs. This event will air in its entirety on CATEC's YouTube channel on May 27 at 7:00 pm.
  • Shortly thereafter, we will recognize our students who have completed a program sequence in our annual CATEC Completer Ceremony and Career Declaration Day. Career Declaration Day is a way for students to declare their career of choice. We will proudly display these on our walls. Completer Ceremony will air in its entirety on CATEC's YouTube channel on June 2 at 7:00 pm.

All of these events embody the CATEC mission to strengthen our students’ individual pipelines into life after high school. Please help us celebrate our amazing completers and our special school by joining us on our the CATEC High School YouTube channel to watch the events streamed live. We will send out links, dates, and times in the next two weeks.

For those students returning, we are feeling confident that next year will look more normal. While the next weeks will zoom by and we are all ready to see the end of this school year, our time together is precious, so let’s enjoy it!

Thank you,

Stephanie Carter


School Counseling: Maggie Wilson

Ms. Wilson has created a Calming Room to help students (and families) find calm if they need a break during the day. If you have any questions, please email

Career Development & Workplace Readiness: Amanda Jay

In Career Development this month, students worked on essential skills needed to enter the workforce: resumes and interview skills. Over the last two months, students wrote professional, industry-driven resumes that reflect their coursework and skills developed at CATEC. In May, students will learn more about what makes for a good job interview and many students will have opportunities to participate in real interview experiences will local employers during our Interview Week May 10-18.

Programs focused on the following VA Workplace Readiness Skills: Continuous Learning and Adaptability #13, Career and Life Management #12

Auto Body Repair: Ronald Moore

Auto Body Repair students will participate in Interview Week on May 12.

Automotive Service Technology: Matt Richardson

Auto Service Technology students have spent time this past month taking their ASE certification tests. In May, they will study steering and suspension. Additionally, both I and II students will be participating in Interview Week on May 12. with 5+ local employers interviewing students for employment. Currently, 6 Auto Service Technology II students are eligible to participate in Signing Day because they are apprenticing at local automotive dealership shops, earning income while also earning high school credit.

Culinary Arts I and II: Christina Rizzo & Josh Davis

Culinary Arts I students learned all about baking, including muffins, biscuits, scones, fruit pies, crumb pies, cupcakes, cookies, and pizza dough. Students will move into Eggs and Breakfast and Front of the House next month with Diner Simulation where they can practice egg cookery and serving customers. Culinary Arts II students learned about pastry and custards, including croissants, baklava, mille feuille, cream puffs, eclairs, pastry cream, and creme brulee. Next month they will be moving into Menu Development and Nutrition then Grade Manger and Fruit before the end of school year.

Both classes have done exceptionally well in prepping and making items for the Culinary Arts food bus, Technical Eats!. The fundraiser held in April for a quieter generator raised over $700.00. On May 6th 11:00-1:30, Technical Eats! will be making food for the community. Come by and support our students; see the menu below.

On May 17, Culinary Arts students will participate in Interview Day. There will be 8 local restaurants participating in the event. Later this spring, the program will welcome honey bee hives to the CATEC campus. Siller Pollinator Company will be installing them and bee hives will be available for adoption.

Electricity: Sid Trimmer

Electricity students will participate in Interview Week May 13.

Emergency Medical Technician: Cat Gardner

In April, students practiced trauma patient assessment and injury management. They are starting clinical rotations, getting a real-world view of the job of an EMT. Final eligibility deadline is May 28. All requirements for testing must be complete by then. A special shout out to EMT III students Kess Hutchinson who earned the rank of Eagle Scout on Saturday. We are very proud of him!

Fire Service: Bobby Elliott

Fire Service students completed the required competencies set by CATEC for all students. The program is still working on the Fire Science Program Competencies. Students have completed Ground Cover Fire Skills and are working to improve their Search and Rescue skills and Ladder Placement and Climbing. Students completed CPR and Basic First Aid Skill Testing and the online course work. Each student continues to do well at Emergency Incidents. In May, students will complete Swift Water Awareness and Discovery SCUBA Training. They will also be completing the Dual Enrollment College Credit Courses and do some interested training. On May 17, students will participate in mock interview experiences, exposing students what panel interviews are like. As a reminder, each student should attend the Zoom Session on Thursdays of each week and communicate with Bobby through email, text or phone calls.

Nurse Assistant: Sarah Manglicmot

In March, students working with patients in a local nursing home to gain real world experience. In order the qualify to take the CNA exams, students are required to have a minimum of 40 clinical hours in addition to successfully completing the course. They started weekly testing to prepare for the written portion of the CNA exam. Most students have finished up their skills check-offs and are practicing for the skills portion of the CNA exam. Certification exams will be here at CATEC June 7th - 9th. This is a very busy time for students but it will go by quickly. The students are working hard to meet the course requirements and Mrs. Manglicmot looks forward to seeing them succeed and qualify for certification testing.

CATEC's Nurse Assistant program was highlighted on CBS19 News earlier this month.

Veterinary Science: Kim Smyth

Veterinary Science students will participate in Interview Week May 18.

English 11: Megan Panek & English 12/Government: Megan Panek & David Topper

In English 11, students are participating in a book club unit with 3 great book options. They are also preparing for the SOL Reading Test and WorkKeys Workplace Documents Test, which juniors will take in May.

In US Government/English 12, students started their last unit of the class, which focuses on global perspectives. Students are delving into foreign policy and discussing what America's role as a global superpower should be. The class will wrap up on Friday, May 28th. All work for quarter 4 will be due that day.

Adult Education and Apprenticeship Programs: Shannon Tomlin

In the coming weeks, Adult Education and Apprenticeship classes will be ending for the 2020-2021 school year. Thank you to all employers and students who participated in our programs this year.

We have a Medication Aide, CNA, and EMT classes starting in June. If you are interested, please reach out to to register.

Visit or call us at 434-973-4461 for inquiries.