Mark Twain's Life

Brianna Dighton Period 4


  • Mark Twain was born Nov. 30, 1835.
  • He was the 6th child born.He was born in Florida,MO.
  • He was named Samuel L. Clemens.
  • He was born during the Halley,s Comet flew by earth.
  • His parents were John Marshall Clemens and Jane Lampton.

Early Childhood

  • In 1847 his father died when Mark Twain was 12.
  • Mark Twain started to work as a printer apprentice.
  • He stopped going to school in elementary.
  • He lived in a town with poverty.
  • He witnessed many bad things when he was young


  • He didn't graduate high School
  • He didn't go to school he stopped going in elementary
  • He worked at a printing shop instead of going to school
  • He did go to college
  • He attended Oxford University


  • He's an author
  • he used to work as a store keeper
  • He worked as a land spectator
  • He had multifacting career
  • He edited newspapers for his brother Orion when he was gone


  • Father John Marshall Clemens
  • Mother Jane Lampton
  • Sisters Pamela and Marget
  • Brothers Orion,Pleasant,Henry,and Benjamin
  • Wife Olivia Langdon, Son Langdon, and Daughters Susy,Jean, and Clara


  • Playing Hooky
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Crosswords
  • He smoked pipes


  • He died April, 21,1910.
  • He married Olivia Langdon Clemens in 1870.
  • Mark Twain had a son that only lived for 2 years.
  • Mark Twain had six siblings.
  • Mark Twain had four children.