By:Chelsea and Ashley

About Louisianas traditions:)

Louisiana celebrates Mardi Gras. You celebrate Mardi Gras by trying to find the baby from inside of the kings cake. We also celebrate it by painting our faces purple, yellow, and green. We even celebrate Mardi Gras by dressing up in silly outfits that are the colors purple, yellow, and green. Another way we celebrate Mardi Gras is ride in floats that show Mardi Gras colors.


Thursday, May 9th, 11:45am

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About Texas

There are about 500 creepy/ scary legends. One of the legends is half man half goat. Another one is a woman that has a horse head as her head and by now she is a ghost that haunts people on the street. Another is a woman that wails for kids because she murdered them and don't try to help her because she will take your soul or she will make you help find them for your whole life. This one is the most truthful one it is about children that died in a accident, you can put sugar or flour on the back of your car and when you leave you look at the sugar or flour and there are little kids hand prints.