News for the Month of July 2012

Happy 4th of July!!

What does it take to get you Motivated? Not just moving but wheels turning and sparks flying!

Ever wonder why you have so many projects that you want to start but never do? What makes it a priority? What gets you motivate? Most things in life are simple, it is just a matter of being motivated to get started. Our company wants to do just that. Do you know 8 people who would be willing to try a new brand of the same product they are currently using? Simply refer 8 people to shop at our company. They will receive high quality products delivered to their door $100.00 in Free products for being a loyal customer and the opportunity to earn a residual income. This month our company is betting that $1000 dollars might just help you be motivated enough to share this opportunity. Just think about what a sigh of relief an extra $1000 could bring to your family this month. That is just the beginning. With 8 new customers you will earn a residual income every time they shop. What does that mean for you? With as little as 8 referral you will be making enough on your monthly check to shop for your products every month for free! Keep adding customers and watch that residual income grow.

So Many Reasons To Get Started Today!!!

Not a Member?? No problem. Memberships are only $29.00!

There are so many reasons to be just a customer BUT so many more to build a business. Dose your store pay you for referrals? Can you shop 24/7. Are your cleaning products so safe they don't need safety caps? Are they delivered to your door?