Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten News

March 18,2016

What an exciting week!

* Please send in 12 filled eggs by Thursday, March 24th for our egg hunt. If at all possible I would like to have each child bring in an egg carton so they will know when they have 1 dozen eggs.

We had our first scientist of the week. Tay shared some fish and a tadpole from a neighborhood pond. Spring is a great time to get out and hunt for things to share.

Now that everyone has had their turn at the the Knight of the week we will be having two scientists each week. I am looking for simple signs of spring such as a flower, leaf, or birds nest . Please enjoy helping your child be the scientist. I want them to explore the outdoors and bring some new knowledge to our class. The schedule was sent home this past week. Please look for your date in the purple folder.

March Dates:

March 16th- Students had a chance to meet Katie Walls the meteorologist from WSBTV, channel 2. She read a story to the students and talked with them about weather safety. Ask your child about meeting Katie.

March 17th - Report cards were sent home.

March 18th Family fun night! Karaoke and dancing with our whole school. I hope everyone comes out to enjoy some dancing with their classmates! It should be lots of fun! This event starts at 6pm and goes to 8pm.

March 25th- Easter egg hunt - The students will need to bring in one dozen filled eggs. I would like them to bring in a one dozen size egg carton to use as they find their eggs. This will help students to know when they are done hunting for eggs.

Please send in box tops for our school! Thank you!

A look back and ahead...

This past week was packed with several events. We worked on our Leprechaun traps each day and when we set them outside, we made sure they were camouflaged so we could trick a leprechaun! I have posted some pictures of the traps and the intense engineers! The students were very invested in this project and proud of their team results. We checked our traps after lunch on Thursday and were excited to find some gold left by the leprechaun. We also found our room messed up by the leprechauns and more wonderful treats inside! It was an exciting day!

The students painted kites this week and we went outside to find some windy March weather. The students loved trying to fly their kites!

Have your child come up with some rhyming words for their Cat in the Hat puppet! Give them a word and have them come up with a rhyme. Look for rhyming words in books.

Next week we will learn a new word- oviparous! We will talk about animals that lay eggs and read stories to learn who does and does not lay eggs. We will also begin our unit on measurement. The students will have a chance to build a nest and see if it can hold a bird. We will finish the week with our Easter egg hunt.

I have introduced the children to a new reading program that they can play at home on your computer. It is called, Teach your monster to read. Some students have had a chance to begin using the program at school and may continue at home. I have set all the children up with an account. No password. They only need to type in their first name.

The link above will take your child directly to the page for our class. The students only need to type in their first name (ex.adi).

Thank you Jackie Beck for helping our students reach their AR goals!

So proud of all the students that have achieved their AR goal! We will soon have 100% of the class on the board at school!

Needs: Side walk chalk

Reminder of our schedule of specials:


Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: PE

Thursday: PE

Friday: Art