Digital Citizenship Progect

Leylani F., Period 6

Rule 1: Netiquette

Be kind: When you are online you need to be kind to others and when you are emailing someone don't start what is called flame-wars.

Rule 2: Online Safety

Be cautious: When you are online be cautious to who you are talking to online. Make sure the person you are talking to is who they say they are.

Rule 3: Safety

Post carefully: When you post something online make sure it is approved especially if you want to post a picture of a friend.

Rule 4: Private Information

Online Safety: When you are online make sure not to post anything personal. For example don't post your phone number or address.

Rule 5: Cyberbullying

Don't Cyberbully: When you cyberbully you technically bullying somebody but through the internet. Also when you are talking to the bully don't respond tell an adult or simply just block person.

Rule 6: Plagairism

Don't Plagiarize: When you plagiarize you are stealing or copying off of someone else. It is basically when you are writing a story don't find something on the internet and copy it. That's plagiarizing.

Rule 7: Copyright

How to use Copyright: When you use copyright it is basically when you are using someone else's idea but gives them credit.

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship are rules for online safety. For example when you are in a chat group you want to make sure it is the person you are talking to. Or when you are on social media look at what you are going to post before you post it and make sure that if you are going to post a picture of somebody else to ask for permission. Digital Citizenship can make the internet safer and you might help someone make the internet a better place. Also when you are on the internet you and not give someone your personal information. When you are at home or even at school you have to be safe on the internet. Don't forget to show someone to be safe online

Why it is necessary to understand digital Citizenship.

We should understand Digital Citizenship because you need to know how to be safe online. Digital Citizenship can almost tell your future. What you do on the internet can affect your future in a good way or bad way. In order for you to protect your future you have to follow the the rules of Digital Citizenship. Each rule you follow can change your life. one rule is to never plagiarize. When you plagiarize you are copying of of someone else's ideas or stealing. Think of plagiarizing as cheating. Cheating never gets you anywhere.