6 Impossible Things

By Zachery Cristallo


Be happy. I want to learn how to not focus on the bad things in life and keep my mind on the positives. Just be happy


Experience. I know its a broad topic but i want to experience as much as i possibly can different country's and skills to be adventurous and get outside my comfort zone


Get a job that i am i love to do everyday. At the moment i want to be a Carpenter. but for now i need a small job that get me some money.


Meet my true love. I want to meet someone i absolutely fall head over heals for. Meet someone i can be happy and adventurous with :)


Build a better relationship with my ad. Since my Mum and Dad split up i haven't been as close with my Dad. by the time i'm older i want to be closer to him grow up to be a good son.


Big family. By the time i'm older i want to have lots of friends. I want to know as many people as i can so that if i ever get in a ruff situation ill have someone to help me out.