World Civilizations


Expanded Horizons

This course will introduce you to the history of Europe from the end of the medieval period to the Age of Revolutions in the eighteenth century. You will learn about the major political, economic, and social changes that took place in Europe during this 500-year period. The course will be structured chronologically. Each unit will include representative primary-source documents that illustrate important overarching political, economic, and social themes, such as the Renaissance, the Protestant Reformation, European expansion overseas, and the French Revolution. By the end of the course, you will understand how Europe had transformed from a fragmented and volatile network of medieval polities into a series of independent nation-states by 1800.

Learning Outcomes

Unit 1: Renaissance and Reformation

Unit 2: Age of Exploration

Unit 3: Revolution and Enlightenment

Unit 4: The French Revolution and Napoleon

Unit 5: Industrialization and Nationalism

Ongoing: World Map Exams

Materials Needed for Class

1. Pen or Pencil

2. Binder (Class exclusive)

3. Paper for EVERYDAY USE

4. Your school login.

5. Ear Buds for Chrome Book use.

6. Jump Drive for Writing Assignments

7. A Great Attitude

How You Will Learn

Formative Assessments -- "Learning checks" to see if you are "getting it," will be administered throughout a unit to check understanding. These checks offer you a snapshot of your strengths and weaknesses in a particular unit--allowing you to become the master of your learning by improving in your areas of weakness prior to a summative assessment.

Summative Assessments -- Final "test" for a unit. Some summatives will be actual pen-and-paper tests. The will also be performance assessments. These assessments give you an opportunity to demonstrate what you've learned through projects, presentations, communication, writing, etc.

Social Studies Summative Re-Take Policy:

If you fail a summative assessment you will be automatically assigned to a remediation unit on Edgenuity. If you know you can do better, you can request to be added to remediation. From the day you get the summative back, you will have two weeks to complete your remediation in order to improve your grade on that summative assessment. You can work on these Edgenuity units during your lab time or outside of school--but it is important to note that you only have two weeks to successfully complete the remediation.

Grading Scale

E = Exceptional (A)

The student demonstrates analysis and applications that exceed expectations.

M = Mastery (A)

The student demonstrates analysis and applications that allow him/her to function independently at a high level.

AM = Approaching Mastery (B)

The student demonstrates knowledge and skills that allow him/her to function independently with few misconceptions.

PM = Partial Mastery (C)

The student demonstrates misconceptions and partial understanding of the knowledge and skills.

N = No Mastery (F)

The student does not demonstrate understanding of knowledge or skills.

I = Incomplete (F)

Missing work

How to Contact Me

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