Yogafied & Step It Up

Step & Stretch Summer Challenges

Summer FIT Group: Get Yogafied

Here's how this challenge will work:

Each yoga class will get you 5 points (7 classes per week for a potential of 35 points per week). Class options are:

  1. Monday @ 11:45- Yogalates
  2. Tuesday @ 7am- Yoga
  3. Tuesday @ 7:30am- Yoga & Core
  4. Tuesday @ 1:45pm- Yoga & Tai Chi
  5. Wednesday @ 1:15- Power Yoga
  6. Wednesday @ 2pm- Restorative Yoga
  7. Thursday @ 1:45 - Power Yoga

*You must sign up on mindbody for every class you attend. This is how we will keep your attendance.

* This challenge lasts for 10 weeks - June 1st - August 7th

*During week 10 you can rack up a lot of points! Essud will have two member led classes where you can get points for:

---Showing the class the poses you have learned, 2 points per pose

---10 points for showing a sun salutation

---25 points for each of these advanced poses: warrior 3, crow, peacock, bird of paradise

---50 points for a scorpion

The one with the most points wins a metal and will be deemed the most yogafied! Everyone who scores a 100 or higher will recieve a T-shirt! Who doesn't love a tshirt?

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Summer Steppin'

Level 2 of our Step It Up Challenge!

Have you wanted to travel around the globe and hit many popular sites and famous landmarks? Have you climbed the Eiffel Tower, been to the top of the largest building in the world- Burj Khalifa- in Dubai, walked the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu or climbed Pikes Peak? Well, now is your chance!

Ok, maybe not literally, but as Einstein stated, "Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere."

We are doing a Step It Up Challenge as part of our FIT Groups, lasting 10 weeks - 6/1 - 8/7. Your goal is to conquer 10 popular landmarks, one at a time, stair by stair...

Stairs are cumulative, so with each landmark you do not have to start back at 0. Just keep climbing my friends!

Besides, stepping down is not in our DNA!

The one who steps it up the most (most sets climbed) will win a metal! Other participants will win a Step It Up t-shirt.

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