About Me!!!!!

By: Bailey Driscoll

My Family.

There are 5 people in my family. Me Abby, Hannah, My mom Pricilla, and my dad Damon. My sister Abby is my twin, I am not proud of it, and she is 11 min. older then me. Hannah is my oldest sister, she is 15 now, and she likes to blame everything on me. I hate it when people say/ask if I am Hannah's little sister, or related to her or Abby. I really don't like it when people call me by my sisters' name. My Dad works in construction he doesn't have a favorite child. My mom works with kids with the YMCA and she says I am her favorite.

My Animals

My Animals and Best friends.

We have 5 animals, a cat, 3 dogs, and a bird. The cat is really fluffy, and you feel like you see him anywhere. The smallest dog, is named Buddy, we found him in are yard the day before Thanks Giving about 3 or 4 years ago. My Dad didn't like him at first because every time he walks into the room, he parks his head off, but he likes to cuddle so we kept him. The next is Sadie, She is about 7, my mom got her on grandparents day when me and Abby were in like 1st grade. She is a border collie. The next is Otis. he is like 9, he had to get his toe amputaded because it was infected and hes not looking so good lately. Last is are bird, he is REALLY old, he is SO loud! my dad had him when he was around my age. My grandma had him, but when she died, we had to take him. My best friend in 7th grade is Nicole Eggers. She is so nice and has been there for me threw a lot. My best friend in 8th grade is Harlie Jordan. She also has been there for me threw a lot this year and she is really nice, and funny.