Sept. 3 - Sept. 17

The Principal's Perspective

Greetings Schroeder Raider Families!

As our 8th day of the new school year comes to a close, I’m thrilled to report a fun and exciting start at Schroeder Middle School! Our teachers are happy to have students back in their classrooms, our students are happy to back in school with their friends, and our parents are very happy to have their kids out of the house! :-) Here are a few Schroeder happenings to highlight:

  • Since our 1st day on August 25, we have had a large number of students who arrive early to our building (before 8:30). In past years, these students have been required to report to the library or commons area, wait until the 8:30 bell, and then report to their Raider Time classroom. Due to the current volume of students arriving early, we have opened up our small gym to accommodate the large numbers. This space has allowed students more opportunities to gather, visit, and study (while masked!) prior to the start of their classes. I’d like to remind our parents that if your child is not in band or orchestra or does not plan to eat breakfast, he or she does not need to be dropped off until 8:30.
  • I’m happy to report that our students are doing a fantastic job complying with the indoor universal mask mandate that the GF School Board put into place on August 23. Teachers have reported that a vast majority of students view the requirement as “no big deal” and are happy to comply since it allows us to be together in school. Parents and guardians, thank you for your support of this requirement! Everyone hopes that wearing masks will be a temporary need this school year, but until the mandate is lifted, your support of wearing masks is pivotal to our success.
  • Mrs. Judy Anderson, our associate principal, and I have held grade-level assemblies in our large gym this past week. This has provided us an opportunity to introduce ourselves to the students, practice gathering at an assembly, explain expectations, and provide a little advice on having a successful school year. Today, we held a brief, all-school assembly to celebrate our first week and a half of school. Student attention and behavior at the assembly was exemplary, and everyone felt the palpable excitement of being together! It became abundantly clear that everyone is ready for a positive and productive school year at Schroeder Middle School.

As we move into the long Labor Day weekend, I hope that everyone has an opportunity to spend time with family and friends. Thank you for a great first week and a half at Schroeder Middle School!

All the best,

David Nowatzki


Information listed below:

  • Parking lot
  • Morning procedures
  • Mask info
  • Fundraisers
  • myschoolbucks
  • Picture retake day
  • 6th grade choir
  • Grand Forks Japan exchange info
  • Twitter
  • Athletics
  • Central Cross Country
  • Newspapers/buckets
  • Bus Info
  • Sept day 1/2 calendar


  • No school Monday, Sept 6th for Labor Day
  • Early release day Wednesday, Sept. 22

SChroeder STudent handbook

Please review the attached student handbook with your student and complete the form using the attached link.


Schroeder Student Handbook


Schroeder handbook review parent sign off

Parking lot

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*Unfortunately, our parking lot is not big enough for all parents to park and wait for their child. Please follow all parking signs that are posted. Refer to the map below for drop off and pick up procedures.
*Also please do NOT park on the South side of road on 32nd Ave to drop off or pick up. It can get dangerous very quickly when children have to cross both lanes of traffic. If they need to cross 32nd Ave, they need to use the crosswalk.

AM Procedures Reminder

Due to the large volume of students being dropped off prior to 8:30 AM, we are making adjustments to our morning routines at Schroeder Middle School.

In addition to going to the library or commons areas prior to the 8:30 AM bell, students who arrive early will be allowed to gather in our small gym from 8:00 to 8:30 AM. Unless requested by a teacher, students who arrive earlier than 8:30 AM will be required to report to one of these three areas of our building.

Since we need to rearrange our morning supervision to monitor students in the small gym, Door #6 will now be locked in the morning. If students enter Schroeder on the west side of the building, they will need to use Door #2.

Guidelines for Masks at Schroeder

The Grand Forks School Board passed an indoor universal mask mandate effective Monday, August 23, 2021, that requires all individuals aged two or older to wear a mask when inside of, or at facilities leased by GFPS, including transportation.

While this mandate is in place, Schroeder Middle School students are expected to wear their masks properly while in the building. A properly worn mask covers the nose and mouth completely. In alignment with our Every1Matters behavior expectations, Schroeder staff will follow these steps when addressing students in regards to lack of and/or improper use of their mask.

1st Infraction - Redirect and reteach

2nd Infraction - Redirect and reteach

3rd Infraction - Referral and Fix-it Form - 30 min after-school time (3:30 - 4pm)

-Teacher contacts parent

4th Infraction - 2nd Referral and Fix-it Form - 60 min after-school time (3:30 - 4pm - 2 days)

-Administration contacts parent

5th Infraction - Refer student to Administration

-conference with student - contact parents

-consequences for insubordination, including additional after-school time, ISS, OSS

Continued infractions of mask mandate will be addressed by teachers and handled by administration.

Students will not have to mask when seated for lunch. Teachers can utilize space in their classroom (where available) to provide brief mask breaks during the period.

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6th-grade families!

This is our major 6th grade fundraiser the money raised helps support many of our student activities such as field trips, prizes at activity events, team events, end-of-the-year celebrations, incentive opportunities, and additional supplies and equipment. Each card costs $20 and they're worth every penny.

All money and cards not sold must be returned to the office by Friday, Sept. 17. That's two weeks to sell! MVP cards will be given out today Friday, September 3rd to all 6th-grade students. Students will be informed on what to do with their MVP cards and whom they should sell them too. All money collected or cards not sold must be brought to the office. Consider buying a MVP card to help with our 6th grade grade fundraiser!


7th & 8th Grade Families!

We are raising money for our 7th & 8th Grade Class Activities as well as our school. We've teamed up with PushSave to offer custom, mobile coupon books offering 2 for 1 and up to 50% off discounts at your favorite local establishments. All offers are conveniently accessed on our mobile app or online. Support the Schroeder Middle School 7th & 8th Grade Fundraiser today!


App problems

It has been brought to our attention that there is a myschoolbucks app. We recommend that if you are having issues that you go directly to their website and not use the app. There has been issues with the app. The school District is not the one who created this app so if you are having issues we are not able to help with the app but to simple tell you to go to the myschoolbucks website instead. Below you will once again find a picture that you may click on to be brought to the website. Thank you.
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Tuesday, Sept. 21

If your student missed registration and was unable to get his/her picture taken or just needs retakes this will be happening the morning of Sept. 21.

6th grade choir

6th grade choir is starting September 13th after school in room 104 till 4:45 any 6th grader is free to join.

Grand Forks Japan Exchange

Greetings Students and Parents,
Did you know that for the last 28 years we have had an ongoing exchange with a Japanese city?
Unfortunately, due to the pandemic we have suspended travel. But to maintain the
relationship, this year starting in October, we are exchanging a series of “video letters.” If you
would like to send a short message, or a video showing Grand Forks life, perhaps your favorite
place in Grand Forks, or you making your favorite recipe, please visit our website or contact the
program coordinator. or Jason Hawley

Stay up to date to what is going on at Schroeder by following our Twitter page

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Central Cross Country

Any interested 7th or 8th grade students who will be attending Central High School. We are looking for more individuals for our cross country running program this year. Practices are combined with the high school team but have separate meets. The season just started but it is not too late! Practices are during the week at 4:00 from the Central High School gym doors. If you would like more information contact Kyle Rosseau ( or visit the team website: for more information.
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Globe Time is coming soon!

We are in need of newspapers and ice cream buckets/pails.

Please bring any newspapers and/or ice cream buckets to room 707.

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Bus Info

There has been issues with students not masking during the full bus route and also students not waiting for the bus to leave before they cross the street. City busses are not equipped with an armed stop sign to stop traffic like a typical school bus.

Masks are available on each bus if needed. Students masks need to be worn during the whole route. Failure to mask will result in loss of bus privileges.

* If you have questions about bus transportation, please contact Cheryl Seydel at 701-746-2220

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