Meat Industry Pollution

Going green is healthy for the environment, your home & you. Recent studies from PETA have shown that major amounts of natural resources are being disposed into the ocean. Resources like water and wood are being wasted everytime you buy eggs, fish, chicken or any type of poultry, you are also wasting these resources. Currently, cows are the most used animal in this situation. Because of the rising global demand for cheap protein, livestock (cows) production has grown increasingly more industrialized. Other than milk, cows are used to make ground beef, burger meat, pot roasts, steaks and cheese. They are also used for manure which is fertilizer to grow organic foods. There is something called Activa RM, a "Meat Glue" which is used to glue scraps of unsaleable meat (pig, cow, etc.) with their blood, rolled up, frozen for 6 hours and voila! it's a complete-looking piece of juicy-looking meat. Yum...that's nice juicy burger. Did you know that manure is stored for long periods of time in giant tanks or lagoons, the animal waste decomposes and pollutes the air with hundreds of different gases. Ahhh, smell that fresh manure--morning air. 335 million tons of manure are stored annually by Industrialized farms.