Monday eLearning Missive

March 10, 2014

Chrome Series Pt 3.

This week our tips and tricks will include how to set your home tabs and how to add bookmarks to the Bookmarks Bar in Chrome.

Schedule March 9-13

Monday- AIS Diamond

Tuesday- AIS First AM, Harrison PM

Wednesday- AIS First

Thursday- Plaza

Friday- AIS Diamond AM, iTeam Meeting PM


13 year old Logan LaPlante brings the question "Do schools make being happy, healthy, and creative a priority?" He also explains how Hackschooling has helped him to achieve the one thing he wanted to be when he grew up, happy.
Hackschooling makes me happy: Logan LaPlante at TEDxUniversityofNevada

Sarah Stephens - eLearning Coach

Sarah is a learner for life. She's on a mission to teach others about how to put some pizzazz into their teaching to grab the attention of students. She also has a passion for helping teachers foster our future by creating strong readers.