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From the Principal's Desk

This is Principal Parks with news you can use. Welcome to the place where creativity and critical thinking prepare our students for 21st century living and where a love for the arts make the difference!

Happy Lunar New Year to all of our families who celebrate!!!!

The CHOICE window is open!

Congratulations to Mr. Tisbert and our 14 All State Choir Students! Every Garrison student who auditioned for All State made it! What an accomplishment

You pushed the PTA Boosterthon Fundraiser beyond our imaginations this year! You did it!!

PTA's goal was to raise $20,000 to assist with school improvements and you all have exceeded our expectations so quickly!! Giving continues until January 26th. The Fun Run and Color Run were amazing. Enjoy the photos in the SMORE!

On the same day as the Boosterthon, many of our middle schoolers were amazed at the films shown at the Mountain Film Festival in the Yamacraw. Students were able to meet some of the creators of the films as well.

What an amazing turnout yesterday at The Choice Schools EXPO at the Savannah Civic Center! CHOICE registration opened up, as well. All Pre-K parents and 5th grade parents who would like to audition for the middle school must complete an application and meet the criteria to qualify for an audition. All 8th grade parents who are anticipating registering for CHOICE schools must also meet the deadlines to apply and/or audition for CHOICE programs.

We celebrated 100 days of school this week from Dalmatians to Senior Citizens, our gators found many reasons to celebrate learning and growth.

What a full week at Garrison!

Don't forget, this week we are participating in the Great Kindness Challenge! On Monday, students will receive checklists of random acts of kindness to complete throughout the week. Students should complete as many as they can and turn it in on Friday to receive a dress down pass! On Tuesday, students will be allowed to wear a tie over their uniform so that we will be "Tied Together by Kindness"! All of this information can be found on the website and under the Counselor Corner portion of the SMORE!

This week, we will also be cheering on our Spelling Bee Winner, Anne Park who will represent us in the district spelling bee! We are so proud of her

Save the date for PTA Sweetheart Dance! It will be held on February 10 at the Savannah Station. Tickets are on sale now: or use the QR reader below.

Get your yearbook!! The Yearbook 2023 Deadline is approaching. Please get your ads and personalization options soon!

Thank you to all of you who have supported the safety measures taken by SCCPSS and Garrison to keep your children safe. If you are attending a program at the school or Yamacraw, please arrive early enough to go through scanners in either building. Be sure to have a clear bag or no bag upon entry. Thank you for your support of the district and school safety measures.

Please remind your children to check the lost and found for jackets, lunchboxes and water bottles. Lost and found will be at the front door for one more week during arrival and dismissal. Lost and found items not claimed by Spring will be donated to a local charity. Please stop by and check if you are missing an item.

School begins at 8:15. Students are late at 8:15. Please make every effort to allow your children and our staff to get their day started by being on time. The gates to the arrival areas close at 8:10 to allow teachers to be in their classrooms. This is very important, and the few extra minutes will help your child prepare and focus for the day.

Please use your turn signals. This is a safety issue for our staff who assist with the logistics of getting you safely in and out of the car rider line. Turn signals are important.

PTA has jackets and the new Gator Pride t-shirt for sale. Please visit the member hub site to order.

Thank you for not blocking the garage at the Blake. Thank you for your continued efforts to ensure that everyone is safe during car rider at arrival and dismissal. Using turn signals must be a priority. Gates to the school open at 2:30 in the afternoon. Please continue to make every effort to not "park" on Boundary. Warnings and/or tickets may be given. Please note that there are two ways to get to the teacher parking lot for Grades 1-4. Thank you for continuing to pack your patience as unexpected things happen and we navigate through them.

The goal each day is for the back gates to close at 3:35. Teacher's workday ends at 3:40. In the event that you are unable to secure your children before that time, please drive to the front of the school and bring your car sign to the front door to retrieve your children. Please do not expect to pick up children from the front of the door before 3:40 unless they are Ybase or instructed for ID checks from the back. If you are not in possession of the car rider sign, you will need a form of identification. Please ensure your pickup lists have been updated online.

Please review the handbook and ensure your children are coming to school on time, dressed in school uniforms, and ready to learn. Ensure you have signed off on the code of conduct online. Emails will be sent to those who have not completed this process. We appreciate the support!

Continue to monitor the Garrison website and Facebook page. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out via email or contact the school. Check out our Arts In Action section.

The word for the week is Growth: Growth is the process of developing or maturing physically, mentally, and emotionally. We are so proud of the academic achievements of our Gators! We cannot do this work without you. Our expectations for your children are high, but now without the scaffolding and supports your children need to thrive. It is not easy to juggle the rigor of academics and the arts, but our children rise to the occasion, and we are proud!

We are Team Garrison with One Goal: Student Achievement! We are “Gator” Ready and "Gator" Proud and we are Gators who know the importance of showing growth!! Enjoy the SMORE!


Bell Times for School Year 2022-23

8:15AM -3:15 PM

The doors will open at 7:45

Gates will close at 8:10. School begins at 8:15 AM

Gates will close in the afternoon at 3:35. Teachers end their day at 3:40pm. Timeliness is important. If you miss the gates, please come to the front of the school where you will need to get out of your cars with your signs to sign out your student or bring your identification. Safety over convenience. Thank you for helping us to keep your children safe.

Spring Pictures are coming!

Spring Pictures Are Monday, February 6th. Go to and use the code C578262 to order. Only students who prepay will be taking pictures. Spring Pictures are a dress up/dress down (non-uniform) picture.


Elementary First Place: Ms. Scalmato

Elementary Second Place: Ms. Wallace

Middle First Place: Ms. Miller

Middle Second Place: Ms. Wright

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Dates To Remember

Jan 27, 28 Theater Thespian Show

Feb 3- Progress Reports Issued

Chorus Auditions Feb 7 and 8 5pm (Emails will be sent to students who meet the criteria)

CHOICE Auditions Feb 11 (Emails will be sent to students who meet the criteria)

Feb 17- E-learning Day

Feb 20- Staff Planning Day

March 8- 3rd Nine Weeks Ends

School Council Meetings

April 12

PTA Meetings

March 23

April 13


Making news in the piano world this month: Watch this video to learn about a very special, young pianist. See below . . .

Congratulations to the following students for making 2023 All-State Band and Orchestra:

Ava H 7th Strings

Madilynn H 8th Strings

Irene P 6th Strings

Meisy H 7th Strings

Gabbrielle B 8th Grade Band

Congratulations to all the Choir Students who auditioned for All State Chorus. They made it!

Isn't it grand?
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International Club 3:45-4:45 Grades 4-8

Our club meeting dates are as follows:

· February 8, 2023, South Africa

· March 29, 2023, India

DEEP MEETING DATES: Thursdays 3:15pm-4:45pm

GARRISON GIVER MEETING DATES: 3:45-4:45pm. Parent pick up at 4:45pm at the front of the school.

Jan 25

Feb 8

Feb 22

March 8

March 22

April 12

April 26



Here's the link:

Below is a brief video on How To Register for a Volunteer account.

Esther F Garrison Family Handbook

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School Uniform Options

School uniform options for Esther F Garrison School for the Arts

School Supplies for 2022-23

School supplies by grade level are found here!


Apply for school lunch here. All SCCPSS students will be provided a Breakfast at no cost for the 2022 -​ 2023 school year.


Gain access to student information to include grades, assignments, attendance, report cards and more.

Garrison Library Media Corner

Media Center Spotlight -

Greetings Parents and Students!

Hello 2023! Did You Know... January that is

National Braille Literacy Month? Let's take a look at some


Invention Of BRAILLE - Language Of The Blind | The Dr. Binocs Show | Best Learning Video for Kids
The incredible story of the boy who invented Braille | BBC Ideas
Ep.11: Six Dots by Jen Bryant| Read Aloud 📚
The Story of Reading Braille
The Little Red Hen Read Aloud in Braille

Upcoming Event - Read United Day for PreK-2nd Grade!

Upcoming Event - Read United Day for PreK-2nd Grade! We are excited for our teachers and students! Click on the tab below to learn more!

New Procedures for Student Device Loan Forms 2022-2023

The Student Device Loan form is officially on Parent Access through PowerSchool.

Parents, follow these simple steps below to get started!

  • Go to your account and click FORMS.
  • Then, you can select to provide a personal device or receive a school-issued device.
  • Fill out the form in it's entirety and provide your electronic signature
  • On page 2, you may select the Family Protection Plan (FPP) choice for your child's student device and click the link that will send you straight to SchoolCash for payment.

To get started please click on the flyer above to be directed to your PowerSchool account. The flyer has a QR code for parents to access their Access account. If parent's don't have an account, they can request one on the public website or by visiting

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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More information to come

Middle School Athletics Information


Jan 23 Garrison vs West Chatham @ Woodville Tompkins Girls: 5:15; Boys: 6:15

Feb 6 Garrison vs Derenne @ Derenne Girls: 5:15; Boys: 6:15

Feb 9 Garrison vs Godley Station @ Godley Station Girls: 5:15; Boys: 6:15

Playoffs begin Feb 11 (Quarterfinals) Feb 13, 15 (Semi Finals) Feb 18 (Championship)


Congratulations to our amazing team!!

Meet Dates


Way to go, Volleyball Team! You fought hard and we are extremely proud of each of you!




Congratulations on an awesome season, Gators!


What an amazing end to the season! Kudos Lady Gators!


The entire physical packet must be completed, signed by both parent and student, and the last two pages must be signed by a verified physician. All forms can be emailed or handed to Coach Salas

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GATOR NuRse CoRner

Hello Gators! We hope everyone is still staying healthy. Continue to be active for at least 60 minutes a day especially during Summer; make half of your plate veggies and fruits; drink more water and limit sugary drinks.


PTA would love to have 100% membership for the 2022-23 school year. Its easy to join, visit the site below:

PTA Board

Jessica Krantz

Ivy Nguyen, Vice President

Rachel Davis, Treasurer

Becki Harkness, Secretary

Looking to get involved, here is where you can start. PTA welcomes you with open arms

Counselor Corner

The Great Kindness Challenge!

During the week of January 23rd, our school will be participating in the Great Kindness Challenge! We will be giving students a checklist to complete as many acts of kindness as possible! Please talk with your child about the importance of being kind!
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Be Sure to Wear You Ties on Tuesday, January 24th!

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Hospice Grief Groups

We are partnering with Hospice Savannah to provide some grief counseling group sessions. If you are interested in having your child participate, please complete this interest form!

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Assistant Principal Corner

Welcome to Esther F. Garrison School for the Arts! Thanks to all for remaining patient as we navigate the arrival and dismissal procedures. We are trying to move cars as quickly and as safely as possible. Please use turn signals in the Arrival/Dismissal lines. In the morning, please use visors. The sun reaches a position in the sky that makes it difficult for drivers to see Mrs. Young's signals as you drive up the hill on Cohen St. Stay alert! Some cars are turning in front of cars that have been given the ok to move forward. Also, please don't block the oncoming lanes waiting to get into a gate.

For those who watch the sky, check out Orion, the most glorious of constellations. You can view Orion with binoculars, and if you do, look for the orange star called Betelgeuse. According to Ian Ridpath and Wil Tirion in The Monthly Sky Guide, "It is huge - over 500 times the diameter of the Sun, enough to fill the orbit of Jupiter ...." Enjoy!

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