If You're Reading This

Trent Reedy


Mike has grown up only going to school, work, and home. That's intill he gets letters from his dad that died in the war. Also he joins the football team and gets a girlfriend and is popular. All because his dad was giving him missions to complete.

Man vs. Man

Mike and his mom are always fighting about him playing football. Even though Mike really wants to play for his dad.

"You don't play football." I've been playing all season." I never gave you permission to join the football-- pg.241

Main Character


The Army Engineer ring is symbolism because it means that Mike now has something important of his dad to remember him.


" Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well." - Philp Darmer Stanhope

By: Kaylee

This is a story of happiness

Francesca Battistelli ~ It's Your Life lyrics