Ernest Heminngway

By: Kaylee Schulze

Interesting facts

In 1918, Hemingway went to serve in World War I as an ambulance driver in the Italian Army.
Ernest Hemingway used a machine gun on sharks to stop them eating his catch
In 1954, while in Africa, Hemingway was almost fatally injured in two successive plane crashes.

The FBI maintained an open file on Hemingway from World War II onwards

Hemingway’s sister and brother, and also his father committed suicide as well
His mom was quite stubborn. Many believe his mother wanted another girl, and so until Ernest was four his mother dressed him up like a girl.
Wanted to go to war in World War I, but he had wretched eye sight.
he convinced the military to make him an ambulance driver.
His writing style became an inspiration for many crime and pulp fiction novels.
Born on July 21, 1899, in Cicero (now in Oak Park), Illinois,
He committed suicide on July 2, 1961, in Ketchum, Idaho.
In high school, Hemingway worked on his school newspaper, Trapeze and Tabula, writing primarily about sports.
He met a nurse named Agnes von Kurowsky, who soon accepted his proposal of marriage, but later left him for another man.
It was in Chicago that Hemingway met Hadley Richardson, the woman who would become his first wife.
Soon after the publication of The Sun Also Rises, Hemingway and Hadley divorced, due in part to his affair with a woman named Pauline Pfeiffer, who would become Hemingway's second wife shortly after his divorce from Hadley was finalized.
When he wasn't writing, Hemingway spent much of his time big-game hunting in Africa, bullfighting in Spain, deep-sea fishing in Florida.
While reporting on the Spanish Civil War in 1937, he met a war correspondent named Martha Gellhorn (soon to become wife number three)
Toward the end of the war, Hemingway met another war correspondent, Mary Welsh, whom he would later marry after divorcing Martha Gellhorn.
In 1951, Hemingway wrote The Old Man and the Sea, which would become his most famous book, finally winning him the Pulitzer Prize he had long been denied.
He wrote A Moveable Feast, a memoir of his years in Paris, and retired permanently to Idaho. There he continued to battle with deteriorating mental and physical health.


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