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Lovett@Home Week 4

Like many of you, I waited eagerly to hear our Governor speak on Friday. I was anxious to hear the plans for Texas. While my heart wanted to believe that everything was now okay, the reality of the news and trends hit me, and I knew that returning to school this school year would not be a reality. I have a lot of emotions around this. As a principal, my role is to take care of a little village of learners. So much of caring for learners is social emotional. It is talking with them, hugs, sharing tears, sharing crazy stories, celebrating lost teeth, and sometimes just sharing a simple smile that says I care. I miss my students, my colleagues, parents, and yep even the craziness of afternoon pick up.

Over the weeks many of you have reached out to me, another administrator or your classroom teachers. We realize that there is still a lot of frustration about virtual learning. With in our community, for the most part we are beyond the log on issues, and are now dealing with the frustration of working from home and supporting our children through the learning. I get it! I feel the frustration. Some days we do great, other days, it's coaching and pushing my son all day to get his work done. I've taken tips from other parents both in our parent community and parents from other schools. Below are a few of the things of the tips. I hope they are helpful!

Helpful Tips for Virtual Learning

Tip 1: Stop trying to keep the same schedule as if you were going to the building for school. Make a schedule that works for your child and for your family!

Tip 2: Setting up a study area is great but be flexible about where they work. Even at school there are kids that work best sitting on the floor. At home let them participate in deciding where to work.

Tip 3: Sit with your child and come up with a schedule or a checklist. Some children are great with knowing exactly what time they must work. Others (like my son) just wants to know what time he must be finished with everything and then he knows by that time, he must prove to me that it's all done. This one is hard for me, because I really want him on a time schedule, but it works for him.

Tip 4: Let them do the work and don't feel like you must try and teach the skill the way the teacher would have. This is a big one. We must remember that we were in session three quarters of the school year and by the time we reach spring break, much of the content is covered. Explain directions, give examples, answer questions, but if they are stuck, reach out to your classroom teacher. Teachers are available to help! Many times it just takes a quick refresher or a quick strategy to help.

Tip 5: Let your child start where they want on the activities. If they love math, let them start there. If they love art, let them start there. Giving them a voice in this will help to keep them motivated and invested in the learning.

Fine Arts Fun Friday

Starting this week, teachers will provide core conent lessons four days of the week and leave Fridays as a flexible day. We heard alot of feedback from families not being able to get through the work and also not having time to encourage their children to enjoy the lessons posted for fine arts, PE, and library. Starting this Friday, students are encouraged to engage with a fine arts area of interest, work on a hobby, review content from the week if they choose, and most of all incorporate some fun!

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