Emily Burke

What is Dialogue?

Dialogue is spoken communication between two or more characters. In order for the conversation to be obvious, you need to use quotation marks around what each character says.

How to Write Dialogue

As I explained before, dialogue is a conversation. When writing dialogue you need to make it an actual conversation someone would have. It needs to make sense with the paragraphs and other dialogue around it.

How to Arrange Dialogue

When arranging dialogue, you should set each character's words on it's own line separate from the paragraph.

For example:

"Where are we going?" Asked Sarah.

"To Taco Bell," answered Holly, "I'm starving!"


Your punctuation should be inside of the quotation marks if it is what the character is saying. If you are splitting a sentence in half like in the second example use commas both in the quotes and before the beginning of the next quote of that sentence. In some cases, you will have a quotation within a quotation. You need to have the regular quotation marks and with them apostrophes for what they are quoting like it the third example.


"Where are we going?" Asked Sarah.

"Where," asked Sarah, "Are we going?"

"One of the most quoted lines from Shakespeare's plays is 'To be, or not to be.'"