The Pueblo Revolt

by Sarah Albofradi

what happened?

The Pueblo Revolt took place in 1680 and it involved the Spanish and the Southwestern Pueblo people. The Spanish forced the Pueblo's into encomienda, which was the same as slavery. The pueblo rose up unified themselves against the Spaniards. It was hard but they very successful and they now live on their own terms.

What did it signify?

The pueblo revolt signified the turn in the Natives attitude towards the Europeans. The pueblo people wanted peace and harmony and they wanted to not be treated as awfully as they had for the last couple of generations. This revolt showed the Europeans that the natives could fight for freedom and would when they are being oppressed.

The Pueblo Pictures

The Pueblo Revolt of 1680

What did it achieve?

It achieved 12 years of freedom for the pueblo people. Even after they had been re-enslaved there was still a sense of freedom and strength.

First American Revolution?

I think the pueblo revolt can not be classified as the first American revolution because while it did occur in the Americas it did not contain people we commonly refer to as "Americans" the pueblo are there own people. It also did not last .
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