The Next BIG Thing!

Here's a commercial for the new Iphone 6.

Hot or Not

In the commercial, introducing the iPhone 6, Apple asserts that the iPhone six is technologically more advanced than all of the previous apple products and any other competing product. The producer supports this assertion by stating it has a wider screen, better software, and uses aluminum instead of glass. The author’s purpose is to persuade the consumer into believing that the iPhone 6 is exactly what they need to accommodate their everyday life. The author uses an upbeat tone to appeal to the technology driven young adults.

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Smore #8

A more up to date example of a dystopian themed trend would be the series of the Hunger games. They reside in a uniform world where variance is shunned upon. Their freedoms are limited and they are expected to live in poverty. These people go on with day to day life in complete and utter fear of what is to become of them if they do not do exactly what is asked. Amongst the fearful citizens, there is one small coterie whom rebel against the restraints.
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