All About Me

By: Carlan Gordon

I love Baseball

I am a big fan of Baseball. Even though you don't see me practicing or watching it doesn't mean anything all. I'm still in love with the sport . What I mean by that is that I like to play instead watching it.

I'm Extremely Lazy

Also thing about me is that I'm extremely lazy. My parents seem to have a problem with that. I Don't see what the problem is I'm pretty sure that my mom would like to be lazy after every day of work. Plus, She knows that I would make a point if I told her to.

I don't Like soccer but i'll watch it Anyway

I mean A lot of people Love soccer Adore My fan boy of an older brother Alix does.
I mean I'll watch it for a hour but I'll probably die if its longer than that

I love To eat

Everyone knows that i love to eat food. Sometimes I crave food. I mean who doesn't like food it's what makes the world go round , and FAT !!!!!

Big image

Act Natural. MOOOOOO! Not that natural get in the boat!!

I like Partrick Star

All I have to say is LEEEEEEDLE LEEEDLE LEEE!!! I have always liked sponge bob in my life time as a child. I really don't watch it as much as i used to.