The ripple effect.

Store descripition

What purposes does the store have?

The Ripple effect is a fair trade store. It's purpose is to sell fair trade items to help the poor in other countries. The Ripple Effect is not in the business to make profit, but to help out the world/poor by selling their products.

What products the the store have?

The store has fair trade items. ex: Jewelry, Chocolate, things from Haiti, Mexico, etc.. They also had other handmade stuff like animals out of scrap metal

Product description

The item is a coal, heart shaped necklace. The cost of the item is $18. What makes the item fair trade is that oneworldprojects is selling the item to help save the kids over in Columbia from working in coal mine. Some kids over in Columbia made this jewelry by hand. There are no items that iv'e found that you can compare to this item

Where the pendant comes from and how its made.

The pendant is made in Columbia. That is where it comes from. The pendant is hand carved out of coal by the boys who worked in mine shafts. The Columbian government hope that the pendant's would help make profit to help other boys is the coal business, but it has yet to make a difference.
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Where they go

Then the pendants are given to oneworldprojects to be sent to stores to be sold
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The store

Then the stores receive the pendants to be sold to the consumers (us) and the money will be used to help the boys in the mines
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